Bagley Memorial Fountain
Bagley Memorial Fountain

The Bagley Memorial Fountain was built in 1887 by famous American architect Henry Hobson Richardson. The fountain was constructed as the dying wish of John J. Bagley. Bagley served as the 16th governor of Michigan and on his death, left $5,000 for the construction of a drinking fountain for the people of Detroit, Michigan. Richardson designed the fountain after a Venetian Catholic ciborium. The similarities are explicit with the fountain being surrounded by four columns supporting a pyramidal roof covering. The entire fountain is constructed from Braggville granite. I chose this fountain because it deviates from Richardson’s typical designs of churches and libraries and railroad stations.


Thomas Crane Public Library Exterior
Thomas Crane Public Library Exterior
Interior View
Interior View

Built in 1881 by famous American architect Henry Hobson Richardson, the Thomas Crane Public Library serves the people of Quincy, Massachusetts. Like Richardson’s other works, it features his Richardsonian Romanesque styling of stone building material, large archways, towers, and a clay roof. The inside of the library was designed by Richardson too and is constructed from beautiful hard wood floor and paneling. This creates a warm and inviting interior. The library was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1987. It is one of the many libraries in the United States I am looking forward to visiting one day.


Oakes Ames Memorial Hall
Oakes Ames Memorial Hall

The Oakes Ames Memorial Hall is located in Easton, Massachusetts. Similar to the Richardson Olmstead insane asylum, the Oakes Ames Memorial Hall was also a collaboration between Henry Hobson Richardson and Frederick Law Olmsted. The hall was built from 1879-1881 as a gift to the town from the children of Oakes Ames. Richardson would design the Memorial Hall with the surrounding landscape designed by Olmstead. Like his other works, the Oakes Ames Memorial Hall features Richardsonian Romanesque styling. Typical are the stone construction, clay roofing, tower, large arches, and a vertical design. The building has an old world European theme that is beautiful to experience.

Henry Hobson Richardson – Sever Hall

Sever Hall
Sever Hall

Server Hall was built in 1878 by famous American architect Henry Hobson Richardson. It was commissioned by Anne Sever in honor of her deceased husband and was built as an addition to Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Sever Hall features Richardson’s typical Romanesque styling with vertical design, large towers, and archways. Instead of the usual stone building material however, red bricks were used in the construction instead. The building has several smaller classrooms and larger lecture halls and is still in use today. Located on the third floor is the Grossman Library. Sever Hall is one of Richardson’s most famous works and was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1970.

The Shard


The Shard It is 95 story skyscraper that is just over a 1,000 feet high in Southwark, London  and also formerly called the London Bridge Tower. It his the Tallest building in the United Kingdom and is the fourth tallest in Europe. It’s a pretty cool building that is a major landmark especially when flying.


New York Times Building

This is the New York Times Building that was completed in 2007 and stands at 1,046 feet high. The building is really cool and has a nice interior design which is perfect for a multimedia news company. Not entirely sure what the outside is designed with but it has a really cool look to it.



The Nemo museum is pretty an interesting building built by Piano in 1997. The building is a science building the consist of 5 floors all with hands on science experiments for people experiment with. This is the kind of building we all want to go to and let’s be honest, with the name “Nemo” and being near the ocean…who wouldn’t wanna go?! Just keep swimming.9_top_ten

Centre Pompidou

This is the Centre Pompidou in Paris and was built in 1977 and is home to the Bibliothèque Publique D’information which translate which is french for Public Information Library. It has a cool tunnel like system for getting around and the tunnel on the outside that goes up is done with escalators.pic_1541021184

Auditorium Parco Della Musica

The Auditorium Parco Della Musica in Rome is made up of three section of different sizes and has an open air amphitheater. It is a multi-functional public music complex, The spear roof top is made out of lead. This is a pretty cool building and They hold lots of concerts here.


Paul Klee Museum

The Paul Klee is a museum dedicated to the artist Paul Klee which is located in Bern Switzerland. It has about 40 percent of Klee’s work. This is probably the coolest looking buildings that Piano has done. I like the wave like shape and that it looks like it going and coming out of the earth.


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