USAO Alumni Chapel

The Alumni Chapel is located on the campus of USAO, in Chickasha, Oklahoma. It is set apart somewhat from the rest of the campus, surrounded by greenery. A bridge takes a wavy cement walkway over a small creek, leading to the stately doors of the chapel. While it is not a particularly large building, it can still hold a couple hundred people.

Photo credit: Chad Hale, via Flickr


The chapel doesn’t have an overly bright interior, but it is not unpleasant. There are a few stained glass windows that let in some colored light during the daytime, creating a reverent feeling. USAO is a school with a strong liberal arts program, and the chapel is a good representation of the value they place on art and performance.

The chapel is often used for classical music concerts, and it has excellent acoustics. Most of the interior is wood, and the seating and floor have very firm, short carpeting which doesn’t absorb all the sound. The reverberation time isn’t long, but its sound is warm and balanced, lending a beautiful atmosphere to classical music. One of my favorite memories of this building is from when I attended USAO’s Christmas choral concert several years ago. The concert began with the choir surrounding the audience and singing Carol of the Bells, solely illuminated by candlelight. It was an incredible experience with real surround sound and perfect acoustics.

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