U.S. Embassy London – Eero Saarinen


The U.S. Embassy in London, designed by architect Eero Saarinen, first opened in 1960 and was London’s first purpose-built embassy, while all other embassies at this time were located in historical buildings. The U.S. Embassy is a nine story building with three stories underground. Saarinen’s design of this building was extremely controversial after it was constructed due to the building’s adoption of modernism, which had not yet become popular in Britain. Also, the U.S. Embassy in London is still the largest embassy in all of Western Europe. This building was Eero’s only work outside of the United States, and the embassy was declared a landmark in 2009. Unfortunately, the embassy struggled with security issues and is now owned by Qatar and not the United States. Fortunately for Saarinen, the building opened one year before he passed away, so he was able to see the completion and opening of his only international project.


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