U.S. Capitol Building

I have had the privilege of visiting the Capitol Building on two occasions and it has always stuck out to me as one of my favorite places when I visit Washington D.C. It has the influence of Greek Architecture and our strong ties to them through Democracy. Having served in the military, the Capitol Building for me is not viewed as corrupt or negative in any way. The Capitol Building for me represents our government’s freedom to elect our officials, and govern ourselves. It is not a representation of the current officials in office, because people come and go. Whether you agree with the politicans or hate who is there is irrelevant. That building represents our ability to come to the table of compromise and express our ideas, goals, opinions, and desires in order to make changes and improve our country. No decision is ever without opposition, and people come and go, but our nation is free to elect our officials, whether good or bad, and try to work together for the good of the nation. This building ties us back to American’s throughout most of our history. We may not be arguing the same issues, but we are connected to them through our ability to openly debate and discuss and compromise.


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  1. I’ve also been to the Capitol building. Truly a great and historic place. Excellent reminder to look past the politicians and their issues, and instead focus on the core values that this building represents.

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