Tower Wisma Dharmala (Indonesia)


The Tower Wisma Dharmala, located in Jakarta, Indonesia, has been considered one of the best examples of “green” architecture in the city. ┬áConstructed in 1982, this building was built as the headquarters of the Corportation Dharmala. This building is also considered to be one of the most successful projects of Paul Rudolph. ┬áThis building summarizes much of the modernist sculptural designs and ideas that Rudolph had developed through the years in many other projects.


The 26 levels of the tower, with its square plants that turn on themselves to acquire the cruciform shape, create alternate floors with balconies and terraces pipeline, including office space, which let in natural light and good ventilation. According to local building codes is not allowed the use of exposed concrete, so the tower is completely covered with bright white ceramic. I find that the resulting shape of this building is very really interesting. I really like the overall geometry to this building.

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