The Stanley Hotel- Colorado

stanley-hotelThis is the Stanley Hotel located in Estes Park, Colorado. It was built in 1909. It is famous for many reasons. One reason is because it is notorious for being haunted and was inspiration for Stephen King’s novel “The Shining.” My family and I visited it five summers ago while playing in a softball competition. It was very creepy and my friend claims she saw an orb. The elevator wasn’t working that day and the staff told us it breaks down and begins working all on its own. ┬áThe other reason it is famous is because of its beautiful Georgian architecture. I like the large windows and porch of the building. Right when you enter the hotel, there is a beautiful grand staircase. This is somewhere I would like to visit again in my lifetime.

2 thoughts on “The Stanley Hotel- Colorado”

  1. I drove right by this hotel while passing through Colorado to visit family! It has the appeal of true king’s castle. The lower columns with the large porch out front is what makes it stand out like a king’s castle. My cousins said they have stayed there once and they had an exit sign fall randomly while they were walking to their room. It must be haunted!

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