The Koncerthuset

The Koncerthuset is aprt of the new DR Byen, housing both the Danish broadcasting corporation and the Concert Hall. Located in Copenhagen, Denmark, Jean Nouvel designed the building for the Broadcasting company as well as a place to be the home of the Danish National Symphony Orchestra. The building totals 25000 square meters and contains the concert hall as well as 3 recording studios all with different acoustics. The construction finished in 2009 and was inaugurated in January of that year. This building, like some of Couvel’s other buildings has coloring on the outside walls, this one has massive blue screens that are meant to resemble water. This building is just beautiful on the outside and just as beautiful on the inside. The experience of hearing the national orchestra in this place must be amazing.

One thought on “The Koncerthuset”

  1. This building reminds me the National Swimming Center in Beijing. both of them is shaped as cube and have blue color. both of them are beautiful.

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