The Burnette Residence

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Wendell Burnette built and designed his own residence in Phoenix, Arizona. The features of this house were “explicitly made to the sensory experiences of our natural world.” There is not a lot of information about the house other than what is available on the architect’s website, but from his description, it is obvious that he built the house to be surrounded by nature and “touching only the site that was previously disturbed,” so it seems to be in an area of Phoenix’s natural landscape that is mostly preserved. As you can tell from the pictures, the house was built around the existing landcape (taking the shape of the ground that it was built on versus completely taking out the landscape so that the house could be built). This house seems like a sort of maze and so open to the outdoors! It is not my ideal “home” but it definitely seems like a sanctuary that would be an amazing place to escape to!


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