The Burj Al Arab by Tom Wright


This is a building that most people will recognize created by the architect Tom Wright. It is located in Dubai and is a hotel that is literally out in the ocean. The Burj Al Arab is designed to be in the shape of a sail, resembling the sail boats that coast around in the ocean. This is the third tallest hotel in the world, however 39% of it’s total height is space that can not be occupied. They literally created an island to build the hotel on, and it is connected to mainland Dubai via a bridge. Tom Wright wanted to create something that would be iconic for Dubai, just like the Sydney Opera House is to Australia. The outside of the building is amazing, but the inside of the building is stunning. It has a huge lobby and ocean inspired decor. I had seen this building before but I hadn’t really thought about just how cool it is. Like this is an architectural magical feat built in 6 years and it is grandiose and features a huge fish tank in the middle of one of the restaurants. So if you haven’t looked at this building in detail before, I encourage you to, because it has a lot of awe-factors.

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