Taliesin was the home and estate of Frank Lloyd Wright. It is located south of the village of Spring Green in Iowa County, Wisconsin. Wright designed the Taliesin structure two years after leaving his first wife. The structure was completed in 1911. The Taliesin house had three sections: two broad portions on either end and a narrow connecting loggia. Typical of a Prairie School design, the house was, as Wright described, “low, wide, and snug.” As with most of his houses, Wright designed the furniture. Wright chose yellow limestone for the house from a quarry of outcropping ledges on a nearby hill. Local farmers helped Wright move the stone up the Taliesin hill. Plaster for the interior walls was mixed with sienna, giving the finished product a golden hue. The outside plaster walls were similar, but mixed with cement, resulting in a grayer color. Windows were placed so that sun could come through openings in every room at every point of the day. (information from wikipedia)

2 thoughts on “Taliesin”

  1. I really like how this house fits in with the landscape yet apparently still gets a lot of light. I also think it’s interesting that Wright had local farmers help him with the stone.

  2. Absolutely Beautiful! Of all the buildings by Architects, I love to see their personal homes. When they are building for themselves, seeing what they build is fascinating.

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