Summit of Mt. Qingcheng (China)

Hiking to the top.

This summer I got a chance to study aboard in China for 18 days. This learning experience gave me that chance to explore 6 of China’s cities, one of them being Chengdu. Just outside of the city is Mount Qingcheng, the birthplace of Taoism. As I hiked up the mountain (which by the way was not a easy task), I was blown away by the scenery. The mountain itself is an incredible piece of work alone. The mountain has mainly stone stairs, some even look like they were craved into the mountain because they looked so natural and rugged. Even though the hike was rough, every 100 or so steps I was rewarded with a magnificent pavilion open for people to come worship and give thanks.

Making it to the Summit of Mt. Qingcheng!

After about 2 hours of hiking, my friends and I finally reached the Summit of Mt. Qingcheng. ¬†At the top, there lies an enormous Taoist Temple. The temple’s design reflects the typical Chinese style pagodas. Because of its size and beautiful architecture, it seem too grand to be just a temple. However, the best part was ¬†looking out from the temple. The view from high above was breathtaking…

Taoist Temple


2 thoughts on “Summit of Mt. Qingcheng (China)”

  1. Wow. What a cool experience. Its amazing to think about all the work that went into making something so great, especially on a mountain. I wish you hadn’t ended your post with such a cliffhanger (see what I did there). I would really like to see some pictures from the top looking out now!

  2. This sounds like an amazing trip. The colors on this taoist temple are really breath-taking. The red and golds are so vivid, and I can image after hiking through the sea of green it must have been even more outstanding.

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