Stanley Hotel

My family and I went and stayed at the Stanley Hotel in 2012. The Stanley was built in 1909 by Freelan Oscar Stanley (inventor of the Stanley Steamer automobile). It is well known for its architecture. It has an old world charm to it and has beautiful views due to being at the edge of the Rocky Mountain National Park. The Stanley is a beautiful hotel and has so much history. The downside is that it is considered one of America’s most haunted hotels. Stephen King’s, The Shining, was inspired by the Stanley after he had stayed and experienced some of the hotels paranormal activity. Haunting’s have been recorded since 1911. So knowing that information alone, I was excited but terrified to stay here. We had a great time and even took their ghost tour. Lets just say I didn’t sleep the 3 nights we were there. It was a fun experience and an incredibly beautiful hotel but I enjoy my sleep so I probably wont return!bovabcssfer9v3k1aqoj

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