South Quarter, Jakarta- Tom Wright

First off, let me start this second post on Tom Wright by saying that he is very difficult to find information on, as the only building of note he’s already finished is the Burj Al Arab. However, these are the future and/or current projects listed on his sight.

Construction progress August 2013

WKK South Quarter Jakarta 10.jpg

Here we have the South Quarter, in Jakarta, Indonesia. This project is actually going to be a multi-use development with offices and restaurants, as well as living quarters and shopping. It will be spread out across 5 different towers. This construction is also very earth-friendly, which is nice considering it is so many buildings. For example, there is something called a grey water recovery system that leads to a 25% reduction in fresh water demand for the project. There is also an organic facade around the building that reduces the energy demand for the buildings by 35%. These buildings in the South Quarter will also have nature roofs to harvest the natural and abundant rainfall in Jakarta. So far, they’re not the most aesthetically pleasing buildings I’ve seen, but I like that they’re earth conscious and it’s a cool concept to have all of your living necessities in one development.

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