Sliced Porosity Block – Steven Holl

These are the introductory sketches by Steven Holl of what would be the Sliced Porosity Block, located in the center of Chengdu, China.


To say this building is impressive is an understatement. The idea behind it was to create a large public space for multiple purposes that harnesses natural light, instead of another skyscraper. The structure was built from concrete and glass.


Holl incorporates natural light, geometric angles, a modern look, water features, and a natural flow.


The center is formed into three valleys which were inspired by a local poet, Du Fu’s work. “From the northeast storm-tossed to the southwest, time has left stranded in Three Valleys.” He coins the term “micro urbanism”.


Modern architecture tends to feel cold to me, but when it’s at this scale, I can’t help but be take aback by it. If I were to visit, it would probably take my breath away.

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