Salt Lake City Centre

When I first read about this building, I immediately assumed it would be located in Salt Lake City, Utah. But in fact, this building is located in India, the home country of its architect Charles Correa.

Photo: Outlook India magazine

The City Centre is a bustling hub of commercial and entertainment spaces.  Its mall combines elements of an Indian bazaar with a more traditional Western mall design. It contains many open pedestrian walkways with a polycarbonate roof overhead; the combination of this design with the arrangement of the buildings nearby provides openness and diffused sunlight while offering shoppers protection from the weather. But it is more than merely a mall Рit compasses apartment houses and office buildings as well as theaters, shopping, and even a wedding hall.

Photo: Cityscape Calcutta blog

The City Centre’s website describes this complex as a place where everyone can find something to do: “It offers an endearing environment where people can do their own thing – shop at leisure or just browse past the window display, choose between a quick bite or a full-course spread, catch the latest blockbuster or the high-brow award winner – just like that.” Definitely sounds like a place I would love to go shopping!

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