Saidnaya Monastery

The Convent of Our Lady of Saidnaya

This is Saidnaya meaning “Our lady” in Aramaic. It is located north of Damascus, Syria. It is called Our Lady because this historic church mostly worships the Virgin Mary.   The villagers in this city mostly speak Syrian-Aramaic, they are the fewest in the world that still speak Jesus’s language. The last time I visited this monastery was in 2009. My family goes to a famous restaurant nearby so we visit every once in awhile. The inside of the building is beautiful, everything was made out of stone, but the coolest part of the place is the worship room. The entrance had a short door, about 5 feet tall, and you had to take off your shoes before entering. Inside it was dim, the only source of light were the many candles that were lit in the room. The room was filled with pictures of prophets, Jesus and mostly the Virgin Mary.

Here is a second picture of the inside.

saidnaya 2

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