Riversong Lodge (1948) Lake Creek, Alaska


This summer I had the incredible opportunity to work at a remote fishing lodge in Alaska. Most of my peers were sitting behind a desk all summer but I decided to opt out of that. Instead, I was hanging out and hosting groups of fishermen (and women) from all over the globe & making sure they had a world-class experience at Riversong Lodge. I worked with an awesome staff filled with a lot of diverse talent. We had 5 dedicated and intelligent fishing guide extraordinaires, 2 spectacular chefs & a welcoming house staff. Working (and living) all together as a team we were able to give each and every one of our clients a trip to remember, on and off the water. I am looking forward to visiting the lodge again soon and highly recommend planning a trip there!


As for the main lodge (pictured above) and its architecture, it was built in 1948 as a log cabin for a single-family home on the Yentna River. It was built with two stories and the original logs and hardwood floors are still intact. In the 1970’s it was turned into a fishing lodge and the seconds owners expanded the lodge by adding a kitchen, dining area, bar, and fly-tie room. Under the newest ownership, the interior of the lodge has been completely re-done with rustic yet sophisticated furniture, made of mostly repurposed wood from Chinese sailboats. It is a modern take on how an Alaskan fishing lodge should look and feel. The exterior and interior work seamlessly together to create a contemporary and cozy atmosphere yet not forgetting the fact that it is in the middle of nowhere, Alaska. Did I mention you should go visit? Put it on your bucket list, now!


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  1. That is such an interesting experience that you were able to have this past summer. The fact that the original logs and hardwood floors were still intact is amazing considering that it was built 67 years ago from today. I definitely will have to make a trip to see this lodge now!

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