Quantum of the Seas-Tom Wright

Quantum Northstar design WKK 2

Though I can’t give all credit to Tom Wright on this one (it’s his whole design team), it’s still a very exciting project. For this project, he worked with the Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines on their brand new cruise ship line. This one is absolutely incredible because the ship is gorgeous and features an indoor basketball court that they have the ability to convert into a skating rink or a bumper car arena. A brand new invention that Tom Wright and his associates specifically created for this ship: the Northstar viewing pod. This is a luxury pod connected to a crane that takes the guests up and swings them (gently) out over the water so that they can look at the ocean in a new and exciting way. I’m afraid of heights, so it seems kind of scary to me, but it would still be an awesome experience to feel like you’re just dangling over the water. I imagine it would be kind of like you’re flying a space shuttle through the air. This ship is huge, too, and I would definitely like to take a cruise, because of how beautiful it is. quantum-north-star.jpg

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  1. This is bizarre! I wonder if the view up there is worth it… I like how Tom Wright put a twist on the cruise ship.

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