MIT Brain and Cognitive Science Center

Photo: Andy Ryan, via MIT website

MIT’s Brain and Cognitive Science Center was built between¬†2000 and 2005, and was designed by architect Charles Correa. Built with an outer skin of glass and beige stone, it portrays a modern and sensible style that is appropriate for its urban setting and its function as a research facility. ¬†The interior contains classrooms, offices and conference rooms, labs, and a five-story atrium. But that’s not all; this building is also environmentally responsible. According to MIT’s website, this facility includes many sustainable design features, such as gray-water recycling for toilets, improved heat management technology and materials to minimize energy usage, efficient lighting design, and low VOC paints and other construction materials. It is a hub of activity and advanced research on the MIT campus. Although I’ve never had the opportunity to visit this facility, I would definitely enjoy spending time there as a student or researcher.


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