Mendelsohn (Tahara) House- Erich Mendelsohn

Bet Tahara in Olsztyn Außenansicht 2012.jpg

In 1913, the Tahara House, also known as the Mendelsohn House, was completed by Erich Mendelsohn.  It is located in Olsztyn, Poland.  This building was used as a Jewish Tahara house to serve a a place of worship.

This building does not contain Mendelsohn’s usual style of a modernized/ futuristic twist.  It is suggested this building was built with influence of his father.  However, during WWII, this building sat vacant.

In current-day Poland, this building is now used as a center for intercultural dialogue.

Personally, this building is not one of my favorites of Mendelsohn’s buildings.  I enjoy his modernized buildings and find this one very plain.  Its a very traditional, simple design which is not very appealing to the eye.

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