Maison Louis Carre (Bazoches-sur-Guyonnes, France :1959)


I made this point during my presentation and the more I look at modern and minimalist architecture the more the idea solidifies in my mind.  I made the point that almost every piece of architecture of this style that you look at it features white and lightly stained wood…  It looks good don’t get me wrong but metal is also a minimalist material, so is rock and glass… It all comes from the earth and can have as minimal of processing as wood can if not less… white is minimal yes because it’s devoid of color but other colors could be arguably minimal as well.  So why white and light stained wood? I don’t know someone smarter than me would have to figure it out but doesn’t it look good!? This building was created for an art dealer and has a striking resemblance to one of the houses Frank Lloyd Wright built.  The one now located in Arkansas as a show piece.

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