Mackintosh Queen’s Cross



Queen’s Cross Church in Glasgow, Scotland is the only church designed by the ¬†famous Scottish architect Charles Rennie Mackintosh. This gothic church has some very unique features unlike the other surrounding churches. This church does not have a towering spire or large cross. But instead is a more gothic, and more humble look to it. The first memorial stone was laid on June 23, 1898 and the first service that was held in the church was in September of the following year! It’s impressive that over 100 years ago, without all of the technology we currently have that Mackintosh was able to construct this building in just over a year. To this day, Queen’s Cross Church still hosts regular services, weddings and other events, not only making it a beautiful church, but also a sturdy and enduring church that was well built and still is put to good use every week.


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