Kö-Bogen, or the `King’s Bow,’ is located in Dusseldorf, Germany. This is a large-scale office and retail complex whose form hugs the point where the Konigsallee Boulevard, Dusseldorf primary avenue, converges with the newly created Hofgarten promenade. The base of the building is 40,165 meter square, with 13,547 meter square of ground parking. The complex are separated into two parts by a central pedestrian passageway and joined above by a two-story bridge. The central passageway serves as a new pedestrian path connecting to the commercial area of Schadowstrasse with the Hofgarten.

“Daniel Libeskind’s Kö-Bogen is the world’s best urban building.” –Golden City Development

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  1. This building is really cool! Looking at the picture of the building from a distance, it almost looks like the bottom is falling away and it’s floating above the ground.

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