Kirkpatrick Oil Company, Inc.



This Summer I was blessed to have an internship with Kirkpatrick Oil Company, Inc. as an in-house landman. This was my first legit job experience, and it exceeded my expectations. The company has its own office building that is located on the northern part of Oklahoma City. I remember when I initially went to interview with the company and the first thing I noticed was the unique architecture. Once I landed the job, I was later informed by a coworker on the story behind the uniqueness. I really enjoyed the atmosphere of the office building, and I contribute that partially to me having such a great experience. I have attached a couple of links below that gives a brief history of the company I worked for, and the second link tells the story behind the office building.

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  1. That’s an awesome opportunity to have. Summer internships are great steps forward in your career. You hit on something that resonated with me when you talked about how the architecture of the building making a difference for how you felt about work. I really believe that if you like the environment you’re in, the more likely you are to like what you are doing there.

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