Jenks High School Math and Science Center





I attended Jenks High School from 2009-2013 and over the course of my time there it changed a lot.  The campus is huge and is almost like a college campus with several buildings spread out.  There a lot of old, ugly buildings, but they built several new buildings that are much more pleasing to the eye.  Among the new buildings is the Math and Science Center, finished in 2011.  The look of the building is really modern, with lots of glass and a planetarium at the top.  They also designed the building to be more like our school colors with the maroon brick, and maroon, white, and gray painted building materials.  That was opposed to the yellow-ish colored bricks and turquoise painted roofs on the other buildings.  The classrooms were really nice because they actually had windows, unlike the classrooms in other buildings that either didn’t or were blocked by bushes.  The ceilings were open also so the classrooms had a bigger feel than they actually were.  The floor plans also allowed for the building to have a very open feel with a large entryway and wide hallways.  A lot of students chose to take harder maths and sciences in order to get to have a class in the building, and I was one of them.  This building was by far my favorite on campus and I looked forward to my classes that were in that building.

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