IRS Computer Center Prototype


Unfortunately this building was never built, but I found the design interesting so I chose to share it. Beverly Willis won the opportunity to design the first Computer Center building, in 1976. ¬†At this point, computers were large and the IRS wanted something different than the typical large, boring, rectangular buildings that typically housed government offices. The IRS wanted a flexible design, that could be expanded as needed, so the design had to accommodate the removal of exterior walls. Willis and her firm designed an octagonal shaped building, with a hallway that could attach it to the older buildings on the IRS’s campus. The center of the octagon was initially designed as an open-air courtyard, but if the building expanded to hold additional floors then a dome over the courtyard could be added. The design also called for raising each floor about a foot from the slab to provide space for all the electric wires needed for a technological building. Removable floor panels were to be installed to provide easy access to said wires.

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