Hindustan Lever Pavilion

The Hindustan Lever Pavilion breaks many rules of traditional architecture. It was built for an industrial fair in Delhi, in 1961.

Photo: ebuild.in

Inside, the building was irregularly shaped, with concrete panels at unusual angles.

Photo: ebuild.in

According to Correa’s website, ventilation was provided by air “cannons” which set up convection currents of air that flowed throughout the building.

This building is definitely far from the norm, and perhaps wouldn’t be practical for many purposes. However, it would definitely be an interesting experience to visit a building such as this. In a sense, it could be considered abstract art in the form of a building, and as such, I could appreciate it. One interesting feature is that it doesn’t really provide much in the way of scale – it’s hard to get a grasp on exactly how large it is without seeing some sort of known object for reference.

Photo: Hidden Architecture, via blogspot.com

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