Gooderham Building

I have been to Canada many times and the last time I went to Toronto, Ontario I saw the Gooderham Building. It draws you in by its interesting narrow or “flatiron” shape. Its surrounded by modern buildings so it  really stands out.  It was designed by Toronto architect David Roberts Jr. The City of Toronto designated the building under the Ontario Heritage Act and, in 1977, the Ontario Heritage Trust secured a heritage easement on the building. I loved the uniqueness of the building and how it stood out among all the other buildings. It grabs your attention and almost forced me to look at its details. If you ever find yourself in Toronto, you should definitely stop and see the Gooderham Building!

800px-Gooderham_Building_–_Toronto 220px-Flatiron2

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  1. This building reminds me of a building in New York City that was pointed out to me while on a tour of the city. It was shaped the same way. The tour guide pointed it out and said that if you look at it at a certain time while passing by, the building looks like a flat wall with nothing behind it. Very cool!

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