Finlandia Hall (Helsinki, Finland: 1971)



This will be the first of 6 posts covering my favorite architectural works by the critically acclaimed Alvar Aalto.

The first building i chose is Finlandia Hall; a concert hall placed on the coast near the sea.  It is the centerpiece of the Finnish capital.  It was engineered by Alvar to improve acoustic noise within the walls.  He did this by using a very high, pronounced roof.  The outside is made of white marble and black granite!

I’m very happy that I got Alvar.  I would have loved to have gotten Frank Lloyd Wright but I was exposed to a lot of his work when I was preparing for the team project.  Therefore It’s great to see another architects work which falls into the same modern theme.   I would even go so far as to say that some of Alvar’s work goes hand and hand with Frank’s.

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