Dentist’s office

Doctors’ offices are not always in beautiful buildings, but this one is. Dr. Kristi Cobb’s office is located in Mustang, Oklahoma, and was custom-built by Shephard and Sons Construction. The style of this building is very rustic, with a definite log cabin feeling inside.

Photo credit: Dr. Kristi Cobb, via Facebook

The interior of the office is decorated in the style you might expect to see in a log cabin in the mountains of Colorado. The walls are a rich tan, with large dark brown logs supporting the ceiling. A smiling bear made from a carved log stands near the doorway, and several pictures of mountains and wild horses hang from the walls. The lobby is dark, but not dreary, and the cheery office staff do everything they can to bring smiles to the patients waiting to have their teeth cleaned.

Since this building is specifically designed to be a dental clinic, there are multiple rooms where Dr. Cobb and her dental hygienists can treat their patients. The office is outfitted with modern dental equipment and X-ray machines, but the rustic design of the building keeps it from feeling cold and clinical, and instead helps patients to be more relaxed and comfortable. The treatment rooms are mostly on the southern side of the building as well, so they are bright and cheery, a pleasant contrast to the darker lobby. Although dental offices are not always the most pleasant places to visit, I always looked forward visiting Dr. Cobb’s office.

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