Dale Hall

Dale Hall is at the southern end of the South Oval, on OU’s campus. It is probably my least favorite building on campus. From the outside, Dale is boring. Inside, it feels old and poorly maintained.


The use of space is not terribly efficient. A very large square in the center of the building is solely devoted to stairs. While the stairs certainly needed to go somewhere, they are the central feature of the building and immediately draw your attention when you walk in. Unfortunately, they’re not very attractive stairs.

The view when walking in the main entrance
Upper level
Upper level

The classrooms in Dale are some of the worst on campus. The chairs and desks are old, and some of them are broken. The acoustics are poor in some rooms, and it can be hard to hear the professor’s voice. There is some natural light in the main area, but very little in the classrooms (most of its classrooms have no windows at all), and combined with the old, faded building materials, it lends to a very drab and boring environment. The building always seems to be either too hot or cold as well. Whenever I signed up for a class and found out it was going to be in Dale, I was always disappointed. Perhaps someday Dale Hall will be renovated and improved, but as it currently exists, it is a building that most students would likely prefer to avoid.

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