Dale Hall

Dall Hall is miserable.


I’d leave it at that if I feel like it would be a sufficient post to get full credit for this assignment. There should be no room for this travesty on our campus, let alone at the VERY FRONT OF THE SOUTH OVAL. Perfect placement actually… Friday mornings walking out of the dorms to class my freshmen year, I would always gaze at Dale Hall on my stumble to and from class and it would make me feel like I looked absolutely stunning. I just want a brief explanation from the architect on why they thought this was a good idea. The only reason I would see it as a good fit would be for some sort of psychological experiment from our psychology department (which I believe the Dale Dungeon is the department building for the Psychology department so maybe I’m onto something here). The inside is deeply saddening. The architect left some natural light in that I believe was a desperate attempt to shed some light on the dreadful, 80s contemporary designs that rustically haunts the other failed designs that exist on our campus. Next time someone decides to design some type of protruding eyesore that doesn’t belong on our campus, here is my idea:

Let’s go with what has been working for centuries now: old-style gothic architectural design. It’s ALWAYS in style. Most of these designs are even acknowledged by the government as a National Register of Historic places, on the covers of magazines, major tourist attractions, or simply just really easy to look at.

(See also: the West side of the Bizzell………………………………..?)


(Since we all have to look at it so much, I’ll save you some pain and suffering).

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