CBS Building – Eero Saarinen

CBS Building

This is another building that I was surprised to find out that Eero Saarinen designed. It is another building that I have gotten to see that this architect designed, and it really shows that an architect’s work is not limited to a specific type or kind of building. This building is the headquarters for CBS and opened in 1965 after Saarinen planned the building’s design with CBS’s president at the time, Frank Stanton. The construction of the CBS building included a large amount of dark granite, which led to the building being nicknamed the “Black Rock”. The building is located on Sixth Avenue in New York City, which makes the building a piece of “Broadcast Row”, which includes other buildings that are home to NBC News, MSNBC, and Fox News Channel. During my one visit to New York City, I had the chance to walk past the CBS Building, and I really enjoyed this part of NYC due to the fact that so much information and entertainment that is on TV today comes out of this area of New York.

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