California Academy of Sciences Building


Renzo Piano designed the building in San Francisco, California for the California Academy of Sciences. He designed this building with the Academy’s mission in mind; to explore, explain, and sustain life. This building is located in Golden Gate Park, and has a green Living Roof, which fits in nicely. Renzo Piano found his inspiration in the concept of lifting a piece of the park up and putting a building under it. Because of this, the Living Roof is 2.5 acres and is used in the heating and cooling of the building. The six inches of soil on the roof help to insulate the building and the native plants allow it to be a natural habitat for local birds and butterflies. I have actually been to Golden Gate Park and have walked by this building but I didn’t know who designed it or how much thought went into designing this building. What I love when I saw it from the outside was that there were floor to ceiling windows which would allow you to still fell like you were in the park while you were in the building.94

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