23 Beekman Place


23 Beekman Place is an apartment building in the far east side of midtown Manhattan, in Turtle Bay. This building was created by Paul Rudolph, an American architecture. It is one of the last of his buildings still standing in New York City. In 2012, 23 Beekman Place was listed for $27,500,000 by its current owner who purchased the building in 2002 for $6.325 million.  The home consists of four units- 1BR, 2BA, two 2BR duplexes, and the famous three-story penthouse. The home is beautiful and definitely feels very modern. Because there are so many windows throughout the building, Rudolph’s home feels really spatial and clean.


2 thoughts on “23 Beekman Place”

  1. This place looks so modern and sleek. It seems like it’d be great place to live in. With most of the interior being white, I can imagine that it must be a hassle for someone to have to clean though!

  2. Piggybacking off of what Jamal said, this place’s contemporary and fresh design is impeccable. I love the see though staircase as well. One day i would love to live in a place like this provided i can afford the $6 million dollar pricetag

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