For me, the movie “The Big Lebowski” is one of my all time favorites. My dad first showed it to me at what was probably too young of an age and at first I did not understand any of the jokes and hated it. As time grew on and I began to mature, the movie started making much more sense to me and I grew to love it. In one scene, the main character goes to this house to make a deal, and the first time I saw the movie I was immediately drawn to this house.  After doing some research, I discovered that this house is known as the Sheats-Goldstein residence.   Built in 1961 by John Lautner, the house sits in the Beverley Crest Valley, just outside of Beverley Hills and sports an amazing view of downtown LA, as you can sort of see in the 3rd picture.  The house was built from the inside out, with the designer wanting it to have a very close relationship with nature.  It is an example of American Organic Architecture.

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  1. The movie really didn’t show around the house that much, so I find this really cool. My favorite part is probably the triangular pattern on the ceiling. Looks like a nice place for a White Russian.

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