Villa Mairea (Noormarkku, Finland: 1939)


This is the Villa Mairea located in Noormarkku, Finland.  It was created for the industrialist Harry Gullichsen.  I would like to see this building in person.  Notice that it was built as a private residence for the industrialist and his wife but it has that office/industrial/otherwise non residential feel to it.  This is interesting but you build to personify the person paying you I guess.

Finnish Pavilion at the 1939 World’s Fair (New York, USA: 1939)


This is the Finnish Pavilion at the 1939 World’s Fair in New York! He was asked to design and build it in his Alvar Aalto way and he delivered.  He built in a compact 4 story structure and it includes photos posted on top a a background of wood slatted walls.  Also something I though was cool is that he used airplane propellers as ceiling fans.  I see this done some places today but in 1939 it would have probably been pretty odd.

Tadao Ando- Benesse House

While the title says “House” it is actually a museum as well as hotel and it is several buildings that make up this complex. Tadao Ando designed the entire complex and he did so with the goal of incorporating Art, Architecture, Nature and Residence into one building. All built with his trademarked concrete and steel. It is built in Naoshima Japan and has everything from a gift shop, restaurant, hotel, and art museum all combined in this one complex. The most notable feature of the buildings is most definitely the Oval building with a circular opening in the roof with water directly under it. It allows light in, and has the peaceful tranquility of the pool. It also signifies for me the encouragement to get people to interact with each other when all of the doors face the middle of the circle in this big room. I love Tadao Ando’s work and to think he was self-taught makes it even more impressive. He was able to do so much using the basic resources- himself, concrete, steel, and motivation- to create some incredible buildings for people over the span of more than 40 years!

Benesse1 Benesse2 Benesse3

Tadao Ando- Church on the Water

I loved seeing his building by Tadao Ando because it has a little of each trademark of Ando. The Church of the Light was typical, but it did not have water, or natural lighting being allowed in. Other buildings are more modern and tend to stray away from the typical Ando traits such as the Fort Worth Museum of Modern Art. I loved this piece because it is a culmination of the solid build of concrete and steel with a lot of 90 degree angles. It has a lot of open glass allowing natural lighting in, and it has the pond incorporated into the buildings design adding a sense of peace and tranquility. This combination makes the Church on the Water a very attractive piece for me. AndoCoW

Maya Lin – Langston Hughes Library

Designed by Maya Lin, the Langston Hughes Library sits on the Haley family farm in Clinton, Tennessee. This private library is two stories tall and mainly focuses on books written by african-american authors. The rustic exterior of the library is made possible by the refurbishing of an old 1860s barn, which was no easy task to execute. Many describe the library as a “glowing chinese lantern” when seen at night time.


Tadao Ando- Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth

Ando worked on the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth in 2002 and I think this building is the most “modern” or flashy of Ando’s works. He build it for a Modern Art Museum so you would expect it to be modern, which it is, but it still has the Ando trademarks. He still uses steel and concrete, but this building has less of an emphasis on simple and dependable, and more of an emphasis on eye-catching and mixing with the Modern Art that is displayed inside. This expresses Ando’s ability to adapt to the type of buildings being built, while still leaving his core traits all over the building. He still uses mostly 90 degree angles, and concrete. This building seems significantly more open which would allow natural light in during the day, much like the Church of the Light in Ibaraki. He uses a lot of natural elements to his designs and frequently uses water somewhere in his design as shown in this design. FTWMAM2



Maya Lin – The Women’s Table

Maya Lin was chosen by Yale University to design a piece of architecture for their campus. When Lin was designing this project, she wanted to pursue the inclusivity and empowerment of women that had been accepted and brought to Yale to empower themselves to change the world. It is now one of the most famous pieces of architecture on Yale’s campus. womenstable_5

Tadao Ando- The Ando Study

This is a picture of Tadao Ando’s personal study which he designed himself. I think it is a great design because it still has the stereotypical concrete and 90 degree angles associated with his work. The picture of his study shows me that he is not just designing what the clients want, but he believes in the style he designs so much that even his own personal study was build in the typical Ando style. His works have a lot of emptiness to them, which some would use as a negative, but he does it because it is peaceful and how he thinks people are more relaxed. The emptiness helps people to connect with God, and to remove many distractions from their lives. AndoStudy

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