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45th Infantry Division Museum

the museum of 45th Infantry Division is a typical history museum which present history to us. from the name of this museum, we should understand that the museum is about the 45th Infantry Division. according to the history, the 45th Infantry Division was organized in 1923, and the Oklahoma members camped together for the first time at Fort Sill, Oklahoma, in 1924.

I like to visit museums, because I can learn some knowledge from the museums. I have been to many museums in the Oklahoma, however this is the  one I like it very much. The reasons why I like this museum are that I can see one of the largest collections of military firearms, learn about the Thunderbirds in Korea, See World War II Artifacts, and see many of the exhibits on Oklahoma’s early military history.





New York Stock Exchange

It is the building which makes me to study finance. I believe that I will never forget the first time I have seen that New York Stock Exchange. It was also the first time I had been to the New York city.  when I was in junior high, I got a chance that traveled with my family. I still remember that my mom said that she want to buy some gifts for her friends, but I do not want to go with her. I said that I will find a place and wait for her. at this time I saw it, it was the first time I saw this building. I walked in this building, I just saw that there are many screens and numbers. I tried to find someone and ask about that, but I saw everyone is busy and they are fast whatever they are doing.

So I tried to be quiet and just stood somewhere to see. After the  travel, when I went back home, I searched on the internet what is  the building about. After I find some more information about it, I  feel it is amazing. I hoped I will learn more about this in the future.  So when I graduated from high school, I decided to study finance.



Richard Meier__ShenZhen Houses

I am glad to see that there are some of the famous house which are deigned by Richard Meier in China.

They are located on the top of a steep rolling mountains and valleys in ShenZhen. All of them are deigned as a special luxury houses and none of them are the same with each other.

The size of these house are from 600 to 1000 square meters, and the height and the number of floors are decided by the location of the house. As the Richard Meier explain that he wants to deigned a unique residents on the top of the mountains. Also, he hopes that these residents could be part of mountains. There is a special point that all of these houses include a large double-height living room which has the best view for south and east. This means that all of houses are faced on side.  shenzhen 1




Richard Meier_Harumi Residential Towers

In 2009, Richard Meier begin to design this residential towers with his group. According to official information that these towers will be finished in 2016.

This project is located the coastal promenade in Tokyo. It is one of the Mitsubishi’s residential area which is the largest and most prestigious residential area in Japan. Harumi Residential Towers reflect that the Mitsubishi’s group want to makes Tokyo becoming an international city and a symbol of Japan. The residential buildings are an important part of local environment and local culture. Even these two towers look like the same, they are different with each other, and both of them have their own characteristics. Also, all of these characteristics are related to local environment and local traditional buildings. More important is that Richard Meier opened the view for sky and seascape.

Harumi Residential Towers



Richard Meier_ Jubilee Church in Roman.

The Jubilee Church which is designed by one of the famous architect who named Richard Meier. He designed this church in 1996 and finished in 2003. The Jubilee Church is a Roman Catholic church and community center in Rome. It is located outside of the central Roman.

According to Richard Meier, when he designed this church, he thinks that the church is sacred and should belong to south. So he designed the triangular site to divide the sacred realm to the south, where the nave is located. This triangular site not only use for dividing the sacred, also it separates path which is in the east. Again, it separates the path from parking lot in the west. More interested is that there are three large cured wall in the south side of the church. Meier said that the three walls could reduce the inside temperature.

Jubilee Church



Warren Theatre in Moore

Warren Theatre is one of the place I must go every week. I can say that if you have been there, you will never go anywhere else.Two years ago, I watched the first movie in there which was Spartacus. After this time I can not stop myself to go there.

Warren Theatres

Yes, I love movie. I very like it. Especially, I like the feeling when I watch movies. Their sears are comfortable, the screens are big, and I very recommend everyone go and try their directors suite and balcony. They are awesome. Especially, I think the balcony is a must try experience. Because the feeling in the balcony is as at home. They provide food and drink in there. Even food is acceptable, Their serve is excellent. So I strongly suggest everyone go there once, you will realize that I am not lying

.Warren Theatres 1


Warren Theatre


the library of the University of Hong Kong

When I was a kid, I got a chance which went to Hong Kong with my friends. It was a very fun travel. We went to famous places on the daytime, and played games at night in the hotel. Our hotel was not far away from the University of Hong Kong, So I can see the library of the university of Hong Kong every night. I saw that many people were going in and out at midnight. I felt strange, because people should be at home at this time why they went to the library. I asked my old brother. He said that “when you grow up and study in the University, you will know the reason”. So at this time I hope I can grow up faster and get the answer. While I studied for my final last year, my memory came back. I understood the meaning from my old brother. Also, I remembered the library of the University of Hong Kong.

The library of Hong Kong University was built in 1911. It is included the main library and the Fung Ping Shan library, dental library, medical library, law library, education library, music library.

Sun Yat-sen Microsoft Word - 526 UGC e.doc

The highest in my town.

I believe that I will never forget this building, not only because It is the highest building in my hometown, also, it was the building which I  always played  around with my friends when I was a little boy. I still can remember that  It was not a high building as this one. Probably, it only had three or four floors. It was an old dirty building. We always went to there after our school, or sometimes before the school.  There was no any high technology. such as,  video games, phones, or other any electrical stuff we can play with. However, we have friends who can always play together. We run together, laugh together. all things are together. These all be the best memory in my brain.

I went to this place last year, but it changed at all. Even I have lived in this town since I was born, I almost can not recognize it. Sometimes, it scares to me, because it grows very fast.


Richard Meier-Bronx Development Center

Bronx Development Center was finished in 1977. it designed by Richard Meier.

Originally it was built for the the New York State Department of Mental Hygiene as houses  for 750 physically disabled and mentally handicapped children. So Meier designed a compressed and articulated community for these 750 children. there are two major programmatic elements. on the west is the support services center in the rectangular block, and on the east is for residential services and residential units in the stopped volumes.  the Fitness center and physical  treatment on the south, also, there are two large courtyards, one of them with a corridor at its northern edge, another one  stitch the composition together.

However, in 2001 a developer spent 3.7 million dollars to bought it, and planed to build a offices and conference centers or a hotel.





Asp Avenue Parking Facility in the university of oklahoma

I am going to say that this building has been affected me for four  years. because it makes me to have to wake up one and half hours earlier for my class. Yeah, this is Asp Avenue Parking Facility that opened in January 2003. It is one of the major parking building in the University of Oklahoma. It has five floors and 740 parking spaces. when the building has opened, it is a very good news for students. however, when I came to the University of Oklahoma. this building makes me to wake up early and scare take the class at the morning. Also, this is no exaggeration to say that come to class in morning is a nightmare for me. In another hand, it is fun for me that if I find a parking space in this building, I will feel that I will be lucky all day.

.parkinggarage1OU parking