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Devon Hall

Devon Hall, at OU, is not to be confused with Devon Tower in Oklahoma City. However, it is dedicated to the same Devon Energy Company.


Devon Hall is one of my personal favorite buildings on the campus. As a computer science major, I’ve spent many, many hours in that building: attending classes, meeting in the team rooms, and working on homework in the large, open areas. One of my favorite aspects of Devon is the abundance of natural light that streams in through the windows covering most of the southern wall.

The team rooms in Devon are unique on OU’s campus. Each team room is outfitted with a projector, a table, and a whiteboard, perfect for working on team projects and presentations. Although there are other buildings that have rooms that can be reserved for team work, the majority of the team rooms in Devon have at least one or two glass walls. This contributes to a feeling of openness and space, both inside the team rooms and outside. It also is intended to encourage familiarity between the varying disciplines of engineering, by getting teams to work more out in the open. I’m not sure how effective it was at this part, but I definitely appreciated the open feeling of the team rooms. In addition, all the glass made it feel more spacious, and even the smallest team rooms didn’t feel claustrophobic or uncomfortably small.

My first encounter with Devon Hall was on a special engineering tour before I was an OU student, where we toured the Rawl Engineering Practice Facility and Devon Hall. Both of those buildings are relatively new, and I recall hoping that I would have at least a few classes in Devon. (At the time, I was expecting to pursue mechanical engineering, but little did I know that I would later switch to computer science and have most of my main classes in Devon.)

Although I’m now finished with all my CS classes, Devon remains one of my favorite buildings on the OU campus.


Devon Tower

Devon Tower, owned by Devon Energy Company, is located in downtown Oklahoma City. The skyscraper, built with a modern glass and steel exterior, towers over nearby buildings. Walking into the base of the building, one immediately gets a sense of the modern and technological advances that characterize Devon Energy’s operations. _MG_5495

The building makes considerable use of glass, including glass stairs and floors in some areas of the building.




Yet, the glass and metal didn’t make the building feel cold and uninviting. Warm wood and stone colors helped create a relaxed atmosphere, particularly in the lounge area on the second floor.




Security is a key feature of this building, and the upper levels of the building are normally closed to the public for security reasons. Photography of certain areas (including the elevator lobby) is also prohibited. One particularly interesting security feature was the large rock and cement pools outside the building, which were raised several feet above the ground.  I was told that their purpose is to protect the building from vehicle impacts.

Overall, it was an amazing building to visit. Impressive and awe-inspiring architecture combined with the modern yet comfortable atmosphere inside, to create an impression of an energy company that cares about both technological advances and the experiences of its employees and customers.