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Nanchan temple

Nanchan temple is located 22 kilometers southwest of Wutai. This temple is considered the oldest existing wooden structure in China. It was build in AD728 of the Tang Dynasty, more than 1200 years ago. the temple covers an area of 3078 square meters. the layout of
the structure is in symmetry where is a typical structure style in the Tang Dynasty.banpo-museum

Banpo Museum

Banpo Museum is located in Xian City. The Banpo site has about 6000 years history. At that
time, people still living there used tools made primarily by wood and stone. Women are the labor
force to take responsible for raising family. This site is approximately 4500 square meters. we
could find lots of arts in that time period.banpo-museum

Big wild goose pagoda

Big wild goose pagoda is suited i Great Kindness and Grace Temple, about four kilometer form the  urban center. it is one of the most famous Buddhist in China. This tower has 13 separate courtyards and


contained 1879 rooms. you cannot go in. but you could walk aroud the park, lots of people exercising in the park.

Xi An The Great Mosque

The Great Mosque is located at 30 Huajue land in the center of the city. It is the largest and one of the ost important Islamic places of worship in China. its covering an area of 6000 square meters, the
whole complex can be divided into four courtyards. It is a combination of traditional Chinese architecture
and Islamic art. It is like a garden with oriental like buildings.Great.Mosque.of.Xi'an.original.6207

white horse temple

White Horse Temple is the most important temple in the history of China. You can see this temple in lots of movies and games. Here is where the Buddhism appeared in China.
Lots of ancient emperor of China put their sons to study Buddhism in this temple. this temple is located in Louyang, and it has remained for over 1900 years. The wall of temple covered by red and golden, the roof is covered with exquisite panties. Hall of the Great
Buddha is the most spectacular architecture in the whole temple. imagesw

Hangzhou Bay Brige

Hangzhou Bay Brige is a large scale sea crossing bridge connect JiaXing and ZheJiang. It is the longest
over sea brige in the world. the travel distance for this bridge is 400km. This bridge give people
lots of benefit when they want travel between this two province. when you driving on this bridge, if you feel
tired or you want enjoy the great scenery. There is a special parking line for people to take photoes and have
a rest in long journey.


Guanyin of the South Sea of Sanya

Guanyin of the South Sea of Sanya is a large statue of the bodhisttva Avalokitesvara in south coast
of Hainan. It is about 108 meter high. My parents are Buddhists, they must go to NanHai to pray once
a year. It is always the worst time for me since i was a child. i hate to eat vegetable and knee all the time.
In some restaurants in Nanhai, they will decorate vegetable plate as meat dish. The most amazing thing the taste
of those dishes is also very similar to meat. but it is very expensive. img_1473

Beijing National Stadium

now has being the landmark building for Beijing. The stadium has a gross volume
of three million cubic metres with the largest stadium in the Wordls. its also the world’s largest stell structure
building. Outside of the Stadium was covered by web of steel. Beijing National Stadium also have speical meaning
for Chinese. It is built for the first Olmpic held up in China. but, sadly i did not bought tickets for Olymic in 2008.Beijing_national_stadium

The Forbidden City

is a palace in Beijing. It was a palace only for emperor of ancient China, ordianry people
is not allowed to enter so it called the Forbidden City. Now, it known as the Palace Museum. it is a rectangular shape
Palace with more than 8700 rooms and golden roof. The most interesting thing for me is dress the ourfit of ancient emperor
and take picture with “my palace”poster64b.

Potala Palace

The Potala Palace is located in central is the highest ancient palace in China with 3750 meter high. The Potala Palace has more than 1000
rooms. Lhasa is in the west of China. It is a very beautiful place. People live in Lhasa are nomadic people. Their do not have much pollution as other modern
cities in China. The Potala is a place of Lama to pray what bring this place more mysterious. The palace is built on the top of mountains with golden
roof. I have never been to Palace before, but i really want to visit it.images