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Bayard Building


This is the Bayard Building located in New York City. It is by architect Louis Sullivan and his the only building in NYC by this architect. It was completed in 1899. It is still standing today, although it has been renovated a few times.The Bayard Building is one of the first skeleton framed skyscrapers in NYC. Of all the building of Sullivan, this is my favorite. The very decorative top makes it look like a place royals would go, since it looks similar to a crown.The detail to this building is beautiful! The picture below shows the intricate designs, located at the top of the building, that are made of terra cotta tile.


Schiller Building/ Garrick Theater


This is the Schiller building, a.k.a the Garrick Theater. It was designed by architect Loius Sullivan in 1891. It was built for the German Opera Company to house performances. When it was built it was one of the tallest buildings in Chicago. It features beautiful arches in the main stage( pictured below). Unfortunately like many of Sullivan’s other architectural masterpieces, it demolished and turned into a parking garage aroung the 1960’s. Parts of this building are scattered around the world and are now being housed in museums. What I like about this building is the attention to detail both on the outside and on the inside.063345_schiller       063724_schillerproscenium

Chicago Stock Exchange


This is the Chicago Stock Exchange building by architect Louis Sullivan. It was finished in 1894 and served as the location for stock trading in Chicago. It is thirteen stories tall and houses a large trading room. The building was demolished in 1972, but some parts of the large trading room were saved and incorporated in to the new exchange trading room that is still used today. It is tragic that some of one of America’s greatest architect’s work were demolished and not still standing. In this building I like the archways at the bottom. I find the large vertical splits between some of the windows odd and they make the building look like it is in sections.

National Farmer’s Bank of Owatonna


This is the National Farmer’s Bank of Owatonna, located in Minnesota.It was designed by architect Louis Sullivan in 1908. This is the first of 8 banks that Sullivan designed. Many people call them “Jewel Box” banks because the exterior resembles a jewelry box. I think the two arches on the building are quite unique and are not what banks usually look like. The arches kind of remind me of what a theatre stage looks like when the curtain is closed. This bank has been remodeled a few times since it first opened, so it has changed quite a bit since Louis Sullivan finished it.

Carson Pirie Scott Building- Chicago

carson prie

This is the Carson Pirie Scott building located in Chicago. It was designed by architect Louis Sullivan opened in 1899. It was designed to be a shopping center. I think this building is not what you would that a mall is supposed to look like.I like the windows on this building. They are longer than they are tall, which is not common. I think they make the building look long. I also like the round edge of the building.This building was recently renovated in 2011. It is still a shopping center though.

Wainwright Building


This is the Wainwright Building located in St. Louis, Missouri. The architect of this building is Louis Sullivan. Louis Sullivan is an architect who worked out of Chicago. He is credited as being one of the first architects to come up with the concept of the skyscraper. This building was completed in 1891 and is still standing today. It is the first building Sullivan made with steel. I like the detail around the windows of the building. This is actually one of the buildings from the video, “10 Buildings That Changed America” that we watched in class on the first day of class.

Heinz Field- Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

heinz field

This is Heinz Field located in Pittsburgh. It is home to the Pittsburgh Steelers and this weekend I finally got to visit it in person. I have always been  a Steeler fan and this weekend my family went to the Cardinals/ Steelers game. This stadium is located just off the Ohio River and I think it is very beautiful. It was opened in 2001, so it is a fairly new stadium. I stadium will always be in my memory and the fact that OU’s Landry Jones played and threw 2 TDs in his first game while I was there makes the memory even sweeter.

The Stanley Hotel- Colorado

stanley-hotelThis is the Stanley Hotel located in Estes Park, Colorado. It was built in 1909. It is famous for many reasons. One reason is because it is notorious for being haunted and was inspiration for Stephen King’s novel “The Shining.” My family and I visited it five summers ago while playing in a softball competition. It was very creepy and my friend claims she saw an orb. The elevator wasn’t working that day and the staff told us it breaks down and begins working all on its own.  The other reason it is famous is because of its beautiful Georgian architecture. I like the large windows and porch of the building. Right when you enter the hotel, there is a beautiful grand staircase. This is somewhere I would like to visit again in my lifetime.

Belvidere Mansion- Claremore, OK

belvidereThis is the Belvidere Mansion located in my hometown, Claremore, Ok. It was constructed in 1907  by a family in the financial business because of it’s closeness to railroads. Today it is open to the public to visit for brunch and houses weddings in the third floor ballroom. The building is constructed in the Victorian style. I love the round silo-like edges of the building and the open front porch and balcony. I go here often with my grandparents for lunch. Every time I enter the building I feel like I have taken a step back in time. The floor creaks, the hallways are tight spaces, the indoor decor is much like you would imagine it to be in the early 1900s . Even though it is 9000 square feet it feels small and homey. I love the character this building has and always enjoyed looking at it while I rode the bus to school.

Atlantis Royal Towers- Bahamas


This is the Royal Towers building of the Atlantis Resort located in the Bahamas. These two structures are connected at the bottom which forms a massive lobby and by the bridge near the top. (Side note: The bridge is actually a suite called the Michael Jackson Suite and costs 25,000 dollars a night with a four night minimum.) My family and I vacationed here ( not in the MJ Suite) over the summer and loved it. Within this grand hotel are large rooms, a casino, many restaurants, lots of shopping and even a Starbucks. Beneath the front portion of the Royal Towers is an aquarium that people can scuba in with sharks. I enjoy the architecture of this place because of the amazing attention to detail. All of the designs are centered around the tropical/ city of Atlantis. I feel like the architect and designers went the extra mile to make this place spectacular and memorable. IMG_8649For example this is one of the columns outside  the hotel. They could have put a normal column, but instead it is designed into a seahorse to focus on the underwater theme.

Below are some more photos I took while on vacation that show the detail that went into this building. This is the lobby of the hotel.


IMG_0560       IMG_4313