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Hotel- Atelier Deshaus

The hotel is located in the Xixi National Wetland Park in Hangzhou.  The project was finished in 2008.  The new hotel design tries to apply the characteristics of settlement like, spread and border, similarities and differences, and aggregation and growth to create a texture of village with freeness and romanticism.  This produces a poetical mood of village which is the idiosyncrasy of Jiangnan area.

Quingpu Business Association Office Building – Atelier Deshaus

The office building is located at the east side of Xiayang Lake in the new area of Quingpu District and it belongs to the Xiayang Lake Landscape Area, which is controlled by the government.   The project was started in 2003 and was finished October of 2005.   The solution is a cube covered with a glass curtain wall.  The square building is 60×60 meter. The three story building encloses a green yard with a steel and glass framework.  The transparent glass walls define private space and creates a visual communication to the landscapes inside and outside.

Zhu’s Clubhouse- Atelier Deshaus

The Zhu’s Clubhouse is located in Zhujiajiao old town, Quingpu, Shanghai, which belongs to the Jiangnan Water Region.  The building was constructed in 2007. The clubhouse collects two traditional architectural spaces inside with a modern appearance. One is a residence that completely applies traditional Chinese building construction, the other is a corner that duplicate from a Chinese garden, Suzhou Lion Forest Garden.  There is Miesan free-flowing spaces on the first floor.  There is also a traditional space with a distinctive ambiance.

Kindergarten – Jiading

This was a work created by Atelier Deshaus.    The project was built in 2011 with the site area of 12100 m2.   It’s located in Jiading near Shanghai.  It has dynamic space with spatial organisation creates an interesting circulation within the organization of the building mass.  It has a sophisticated color concept.  The other qualities include windows with different sizes, a ramp building for the access to the second floor, and “some courtyards in the air”.  The solid building appears as perforated block in suburban living.

Penn Square Mall

Penn Square Mall is one of the premier malls in Oklahoma, which is owned by Simon Property Group.  It’s a two-story 1,100,000sq ft upscale regional mall.  It was first built as an outdoor shopping center in 1960, but has been renovated about six times.  The renovations included a food court, the second level, and a multi story parking garage.  This place is significant to me because I work there on the weekends and hang out there a lot.  I work at the newly renovated Express clothing store while providing customer service and making sure the clothing becomes available to the customers.

AT&T Stadium

AT&T  Stadium is the home of the Dallas Cowboys football team.  It seats about 80,000 people and also has standing sections for people as well.  It has a retractable roof and at the time possessed the biggest tv ever produced.  The stadium was designed by HKS Inc. and $1.15 billion, which has made it the most expensive sports venue ever built.  The stadium was finished on May 27, 2009.   The stadium has a great significance to me because I’m a Dallas Cowboys fan and have grown up watching them play.  I have also visited the stadium to watch them play and I got to see the best catch in sports history when the Cowboys played the New York Giants last season.

Devon Tower

Devon Tower is a 50 story skyscraper, which is the tallest building in Oklahoma and the 43rd tallest building in the U.S.  The design was created by Pickard Chilton.  The construction of the tower was started in October of 2009 and was completed in October 2012.  The cost of the building was about $750 million.  It was built as a part of the revitalization efforts of the Oklahoma City downtown area that has been known as the Core to Shore downtown redevelopment project.  It was a significant place for me because I had a first date with one of my ex girlfriends at the restaurant that was located in the tower.

Northwest Classen High School

Northwest Classen high school was built in Oklahoma City back in 1955 to accommodate for all of the new people that started living in the area. Famous people that graduated from my high school include: Massachusetts senator Elizabeth Warren, former lightweight boxing champion Sean O’Grady, and ESPN broadcaster Skip Bayless. This is where I went to high school with my 2011 graduating class. I had also participated in the wrestling team and cross country team, winning a few awards. The building has just finished being renovated with a new auditorium, gymnasium, and new lockers. I wasn’t able to use the new stuff because I graduated when the project started back in 2011.

Chesapeake Energy Arena

This building, which is located in down town Oklahoma City, was built on June 8, 2002 by the Benham Companies. The arena is known to seat over 18,000 people.  The cost of this project was about $89 million.  It is home to the Oklahoma City Thunder and was home to the OKC Blazers before the team went under while the center was known as the Ford Center.  It is also the host of many concerts and entertainment events.  This place is historical to me because I watched my first basketball game, which was the game between the OKC Thunder and the Atlanta Hawks and my first pro wrestling pay-per-view event here.


Taft Stadium

Taft Stadium was built in 1934 to host the events for Taft Middle School and Northwest Classen High School.  It had also hosted Continental Football League with the team OKC Plainsmen in 1968.  It has now been renovated by Tim McLaughlin of the OKC Energy in 2012, so the soccer team could have a home stadium.  This place has great significance to me because while I attended Taft Middle School and Northwest Classen High School, I would run the stadium stairs for my cardio for wrestling.  I had also participated in a couple of track meets there while I was in elementary school.  I really am happy for how well the stadium had been renovated, since the stadium had been in bad shape while I was in school.