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Daeyang Gallery and House – Steven Holl

This gallery and house is located in Seoul, Korea. It’s shape is inspired by a sketch by a composer from 1967; literally a sketch of a music score. How cool is that?

It’s made up of 3 pavilions pulled together by a pool on one side. It plays with textures really well. On one side there is rough stone, mixed with layered and smooth concrete, slick copper, and frosted and clear glass. The other side seems to emerge from the pool with huge gorgeous glass walls that reflect up towards the sky. At night the interior lights reflect off of the pool, making it look like a glass dance floor.

The interior is just as sleek and modern as the exterior. It’s definitely a cool spot for a museum and event space. I wouldn’t want to live in a place like this, but to each his own.

Something about this one that strikes me is that it seems unfinished inside. Maybe Steven Holl left it blank and boring because of its use as a museum, but all of his buildings seem to look the same on the inside; as if he had a ton of cool ideas for the exterior, got to the interior and said “Oh, just make it sleek and white.”

Overall its a pretty cool project.

St. John the Baptist Catholic Church – Edmond, OK

This is my home parish. I owe so much to the people of this church. This building has always been my refuge. I was baptized here when I was a month old, had my first reconciliation and my first communion when I was 7, 8th grade graduation when I was 13, confirmation when I was 15, high school baccalaureate at 18, school mass every Thursday, and countless normal Sundays in between with family and friends.

My most important relationships have been built here, and I’ve fallen in love with Catholicism here.

The beauty of this place is that each time I walk in, I’m a little bit older, and I’ve grown a little bit more into who I want to be. The corners echo who I’ve been, and reflect a promise of who I’m becoming. I’ll be either married or consecrated to religious life on that altar, which is a comforting fact.

I’m glad to have been raised in a way that I feel most comfortable here. There’s no fear or discomfort; this sanctuary is like my second home.

The Museum of Ocean and Surf – Steven Holl

I’m getting pretty sick of Steven Holl’s work, considering it all pretty much looks the same, but this museum is pretty impressive.  It’s located in Biarritz, France. This museum is right next to the ocean, and is a tribute to the leisure, science, and ecology that all seem to crash together when humans meet the surf.

It seems to be nestled between sand dunes, and looks like sweeping waves. The outdoor plaza is made up of sand, rock, and cobblestone. The whole place points to the ocean.

The frosted glass looks like pieces of glass that have been worn down in the ocean. Its modern, but warm and earthy at the same time. There’s also a skate pool that has a plaza underneath it for surfers to hang out in.

Tianjin Ecocity Ecology and Planning Museums- Steven Holl

Steven Holl obviously has a thing for China.


This project is the first 2 buildings of a bigger eco-city vision. There is a Planning Museum building which is a “subtractive” space, and an Ecology Museum which is an “additive” complement. These two building are physically yin and yang to each other, which is pretty cool.


I studied Confucianism and Taoism in a religion course this semester which has given me some really great insight on yin and yang.


The thing about Steven Holl is that he has these great visions, but the projects get put on hold for one reason or another. I imagine money is a huge factor. This project has been on hold since 2012. IMG_0598-SQ-WVER

It could be an awesome building, and I appreciate Holl’s artistic drive and vision, but it doesn’t necessarily seem practical.

Loretto Chapel – Santa Fe, New Mexico


This gorgeous chapels is found in Santa Fe, NM, one of my absolute favorite places that my family went on vacation growing up. This chapel highlights all that is best about Santa Fe; the art, the beauty, the strong catholic influence.Miraculous Staircase, Loretto Chapel

The chapel was completed in 1878, as an addition to the Academy of Our Lady of Light. Influenced by the french clergy, the chapel was patterned after King Louis IX’s Sainte-Chapelle in Paris. It’s considered gothic revival architecture. 4156254980_e8719da896_z

The stained glass inside was sent by ship from Paris. It was t   hen paddled to St. Louis, and then transported to Santa Fe via covered wagon.

The chapel also features the famous Miraculous Staircase. This staircase makes over 2 complete 360-degree turns, is 20 feet tall, and has no center support; a marvel for engineers, craftsmen, and architects alike.


I can still hear my mom whispering the first time we walked in, telling me how people get married there. I thought about how magical it would be to be married in a church as ornate as the Loretto Chapel.

The Loretto Chapel now only functions as a wedding chapel and a museum to preserve the staircase. I love visiting each time I’m in Santa Fe, and plan to go back many more times.

Oklahoma Bombing Memorial – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Hands down, my favorite place in the whole city is the Bombing Memorial. If I find myself in the city with a 20 minute window, I will go and just sit. In the midst of the city is this outdoor memorial that has a somber yet peaceful ambiance and silence. The place evokes a reverence for the lives lost.1.1241271600.oklahoma-city-memorial

Watching the way the sun sets over the memorial is the greatest part. Eventually the sun fades enough and the lights on the chairs lights up. When those lights reflect off of the pool, it makes the whole place light up.





Whenever I’m entertaining people from out of town, I ALWAYS take them here. This is such an important part of the history and culture of our city. The indoor museum is incredible and extremely well done. The beauty of the outdoor memorial  is how approachable and open it is. People from all walks of life come to sit, pray, reflect, and just breathe in the peaceful air.

I love this memorial; I love what it means to our city, and how each of us can find a piece of ourself here.

Vast – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


I have spent some of the most magical evenings at the top of the Devon Tower at Vast. For my birthday one year, I was surprised with a dinner with 2 of my favorite people. We dined for a few hours, and ended the night with drinks and gifts. The view is unbeatable, and the whole atmosphere is wonderful.5a108f8d6b2fa39811cc546da79b564e

I love Oklahoma City, and she is gorgeous at night from the 49th floor of the Devon Tower. By the end of my birthday dinner, we were the only people left in the restaurant, and a manager offered to show us around a bit. It was awesome to see behind the scenes.

Hopefully I will have more beautiful memories made at Vast.

Oklahoma State Capitol – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


My dad worked in the capitol building for the first 10 years of my life. I remember loving going to work with him, meeting men dressed in suits, and getting lost in corners and offices. When our class went on field trips to the capitol, I felt so proud knowing my way around and being recognized by certain people.


I’ve always loved government buildings. I love going through security to get in, being amongst people that wear suits and dress shoes to work every day, and being paraded around as “Larry’s daughter.” For a long time I thought I would slip into this life of public service, and become a politician of some sort. Turns out that isn’t what I’m meant to do, and I’m glad. If I went to work every day in the capitol building, I would eventually lose my awe of the building.


Another part of the capitol that I love is how it looks from the street especially at night. driving past it and around it is so awesome; like swimming past a whale or something. 24180318_BG1

I will never get over this building. The art, the architectural style, the sounds that echo when you walk, the marble, the dome. Sometimes I go just to walk around and enjoy it. I consider it to be me enjoying the use of my tax dollars.


Bizzell Memorial Library – Norman, Oklahoma

Wait, wait, wait. I know.

Everybody’s been to the library. But keep reading.

Because this library is more than you’ve seen.

The beauty of this place is what you DON’T know.


The bible collection in the Gaylord Room alone is something to be seen. There are 665 bibles in Bizzell’s collection. It includes books printed before 1500, which is crazy. The oldest is a manuscript from the 15th century.

Also, as something you didn’t know was there, The History of Science Collections are on the 5th floor and hold 100,000 volumes.


I can’t count how many sunsets I’ve watched in the great reading room.  Everyone visits this space on their first tour of OU, but it has become an extremely special place to me. I enter it almost the same way that I enter a basilica or sanctuary. The quietness, the sanctity, and the reverence that people feel towards it are beautiful.

If I’m ever frustrated with my major (which is often), I go to the library. There is something about being around people that are focused on succeeding that helps me refocus and be positive. I love the library, and I hope that one day I can bring my kids here, showing them where I succeeded.

Beirut Marina – Beirut, Lebanon



This design by Steven Holl creates an urban beach in the heart of downtown Beirut. This building is a layering of apartments, restaurants, public areas, and outdoor space. marina_bay_14-08_sha_3853

Like all of Steven Holl’s work, it is very linearly inspired. I respect that about Holl, but I don’t necessarily find it pleasing to the eye.

photo 7-WHOR

By night, it looks like a docked cruise ship as its image reflects off of the water. it must be pretty incredible to live there and have the greatest view in the whole city.  DSC067190032-WVER

I love the beach, but I think this ‘urban beach’ idea may be a bit too cold for my taste. Instead of embracing the natural vegetation that comes with a beach, it cuts through the nature creating a concrete beach.


Overall this is not my favorite project by Holl, but I respect his talent and I wouldn’t mind visiting one day.