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Mendelsohn (Tahara) House- Erich Mendelsohn

Bet Tahara in Olsztyn Außenansicht 2012.jpg

In 1913, the Tahara House, also known as the Mendelsohn House, was completed by Erich Mendelsohn.  It is located in Olsztyn, Poland.  This building was used as a Jewish Tahara house to serve a a place of worship.

This building does not contain Mendelsohn’s usual style of a modernized/ futuristic twist.  It is suggested this building was built with influence of his father.  However, during WWII, this building sat vacant.

In current-day Poland, this building is now used as a center for intercultural dialogue.

Personally, this building is not one of my favorites of Mendelsohn’s buildings.  I enjoy his modernized buildings and find this one very plain.  Its a very traditional, simple design which is not very appealing to the eye.

Dames Point Bridge- Jacksonville, FL

I know this is not a building but it still takes an architect to design a bridge.  This bridge was designed by HNTB Corporation. This  bridge is my childhood.  This bridge reminds me of the happiest I’ve been in my life.  For me, this bridge, standing 175 feet tall, represents home.

Growing up in a military family, I never had a permanent residence. Every single year it was move after move.  Most times you didn’t even  bother unpacking all your things because if you did, it was time to move again.  I was born in Anchorage, Alaska but moved to Florida when I was a year old.  Florida was my home.  I lived in Florida (moving every year) for 9 years! The Dames Point Bridge was the bridge that connected the north and south part of Jacksonville.  On the way home from school or softball, we crossed this bridge.  My mother and I use to sing “Bumpity bump bump, Bumpity bump bump, Look at Frosty go.  Bumpity bump bump, Bumpity bump bump over the bridge we go!” We sung this every time we went over the bridge no matter what time of year, because this bridge had a rhythmical bump sequence.



Red Banner Textile factory- Erich Mendelsohn

Red Banner Textile Factory, located in Russia, is one of many textile factories Erich Mendelsohn has constructed.  This building incorporates his normal style of unique modern edges with many windows.  However, the curve of the front imposes an older style with influence of roman architect.  This building was built 1926-1937.  Taking 11 years to finish, this ranks pretty high on the longest taking to build by Mendelsohn.   A model of the building was built before the actual construction. This model appeared a very functional textile factory but during construction was changed to make it more visually attractive.

I like the curvature of the front of the building.  It reminds me of some of the older buildings in large cities.

Seaglass Tower- Myrtle Beach


The Seaglass Tower, located on the strip in Myrtle Beach, SC, is one of the most iconic hotels on the strip.   This 20 story hotel is made completely from glass to provide a great view to guests.  It was built in 1986. It is currently owned by Bluegreen Resorts.  This tall building divides the Yachtsmen Hotel into two buildings.

My boyfriend, some friends and I all stayed in this resort for Spring Break last year.  Although the rooms were somewhat small, the glass walls made it feel large and opened.  While walking at night time, we noticed that you could not see into the rooms when the lights were on or off.  This was one of the things I was worried about staying in an all glass hotel.  I loved the modern twist on a beach side hotel.  Designing a hotel where each room has it’s own living room and balcony made it feel very home-like.  I know when we got there, it was pulling teeth for us to drive back to Norman.

It is crazy to think that a trip can be so memorable from the buildings we see.  When remembering this trip, my first thoughts will be of this wonderful hotel and the thought of how we, being the only spring breakers staying in that hotel, somehow did not find ourselves in trouble with a gorgeous hotel like that.  I will forever miss waking up with the sun peaking through the windows and the sound of seagulls and smell of the beach in the air.

Park Synagogue- Erich Mendelsohn

The Park Synagogue resides in Cleveland, Ohio.  This building serves as the Jewish Congregation building.  It is one of the oldest Jewish Congregation buildings in Ohio too.  The building was built in 1922.  I find it odd that of all the buildings I have researched that Mendelsohn has built, this does not follow his normal building style of a modern-like building. This is one of the few buildings that are not white and do not display sharp edges and large windows, actually the complete opposite! This dome is the most round thing I have seen him build.  Many think the dome was used to allow noise to travel to all sides of the room so hearing was not an issue.  Others believe it makes the building seem more secretive much like our government buildings are today.

Erich Mendelsohn- His own home

It doesn’t come to much shock that and Architect built his own house.  It was built in 1928 in Am Rupenhorn, Berlin.  This project took 2 years to complete. He used his modern style of white exterior walls, sharp edges and lots of windows to complete the overall style.

Personally, this house reminds me of a stretched shotgun-like style home to make it taller than normal. It also has the influence of a bungalow house.  A shotgun house is a long skinny house style where the length of the house is over double the width of the house.  A bungalow house is flat with windows at the top of the house that extend from the house itself.  The way the windows are placed is why I see this house style in Mendelsohn’s house.

Cohen House-Erich Mendelsohn

This private house was built in 1935.  The project took a little over a year to complete.  Although this house was built in the 30’s, Mendelsohn used his common technique of throwing a modern twist on this building with the use of straight edges and large windows.  To me, this building does not fit the time period of London.  With the plane white walls, I would expect this to be built in early 2000.  Of all of the work Mendelsohn has done, this is one of my favorite projects.  This building will forever be timeless and beautiful.

WonderWorks Museum- Orlando, Florida


The architect of this building took a colonial style mansion and completely flipped the floor plans upside down making it look as if it was a tragic accident.  This building was built by Bullock Smith & Partners.  Although this company has several buildings like this one, the original is located in Orlando, Florida and was built in 1998. It appears to be flattening another simple brick building.  With the appearance of the building being a tragedy, this museum includes an earthquake and hurricane ride to simulate these crazy experiences.

As a child growing up in Florida I was always amazed by this building.  The lobby continued to have the same feeling as the grand chandelier was coming out of the floor.

Wiechmann Silk Factory- Erich Mendelsohn

Erich Mendelson, a German architect, built many different things.  Most of his buildings were industrial buildings used for many different things.  This building was built in 1923 as a silk factory.  This building has been remodeled but still contains its original design.  The design of this building has a great amount of German influence with the sharp edges however this style remains timeless as it includes a more modern, futuristic feel with the difference in the roof shape.  Many fine silks were produced here.  Most of these silks were used in high fashion. Although the Wiechmann Silk Factory has gone out of business, silk is still being used and produced the using the same techniques.  Most of the silk is being used now for sheets, pajamas, and high fashion items.

As someone who is very into fashion and textiles, it is interesting to me that this building would be the most functional.  With the high ceiling, I feel as if there is a lot of unused space in this previously-used silk factory.  It makes me wonder what techniques were used to make the silk usable.

Gaylord Opryland Hotel-Nashville,TN

The Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center, more commonly known as the Opryland Hotel, is one of the most beautiful hotels.  Right in the , heart of Nashville, this hotel is the most known place for country music. The exterior is done in a colonial architecture style while the interior is a postmodern architecture style.  Its very interesting to see these two different types of styles combined together.

In high school, my FCCLA chapter had our yearly conference here. This hotel was one of my favorites to visit and stay at.  Each wing of this hotel has a different theme.  It’s strange to see that the inside of the hotel has a river with fresh sunlight coming through glass windows with green foliage growing everywhere. This hotel has been used by many stars as it is right next to Opryland where the Country Music Awards are held.