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Park Güell

Park Güell is a set of buildings designed by Antoni Gaudi in 1914. Like most of his works in the early 20th century it very naturalistic. It is hard to find edges of walls because everything runs together in an organic way. Park Güell reminds me a lot of Casa Batllo because of the use of mosaic. The lizard sculpture below uses it to great effect. This park looks like a great place to relax. It has a large garden area that flows nicely with Gaudi’s naturalistic style.

Winspear Opera House, Dallas TX

The Winspear Opera House was built in 2009. It was designed by Spencer de Grey. The Winspear is the home to the Dallas Opera. I have been to a few performances here, and the building always stuns. The bright red interior walls feel like they are glowing. Once in the actual performance hall a chandelier is lowered from the ceiling that looks like floating glowing sticks. It really is an extraordinary building and I look forward to visiting again.

Casa de los Botines

Casa de los Botines was built in 1893 in Leon, Spain. It was design by Antoni Gaudi to serve as a bank. The building as a whole feels much less organic than the rest of Gaudi’s work. I assume this is because his typical style would clash with fact that it is a bank. The style of the building is neo-gothic. I like how imposing it feels. The towers at each corner and the square construction enforce the stability that a bank would want it’s customers to feel.

Parent’s House, Texas

This is where my parents currently live. It was built about two years ago. It is very different than most of the architecture seen around Dallas and the neighborhood it is in. This house feels like going to a resort. I think my mother wanted it that way to entice her kids to come home and visit her. It works. Visiting my parents feel like a mini vacation.

Colonia Güell

This is a work by Gaudi that was designed in 1898 , but wasnt completed until 1914. Like many of Gaudi’s works financial problems halted construction. This is a very interesting work by Gaudi. The angles are unlike anything I’ve seen, and it is much less organic that his other buildings. This was built before La Sagrada Familia and it’s influences can be clearly seen.

Sagrada Família Schools



Gaudi designed this school late in his career. It focuses on simplicity of design. The footprint of the school is only 10m by 20m so there was no room for unnecessary embellishment, The simplicity of design utilized in this building has inspired other architects to do similar things.

I think this building is a bit less interesting than Gaudi’s other works, but that is probably because I do not see the architectural brillance in the simple building.

Kimbell Art Museum


The Kimbell Art museum is in Fort Worth Texas. It was designed by Louis Kahn. This building is widely renowned as a great piece of architecture. It houses some really great artwork and is free to visit.

I have been to the Kimbell a few times with a friend of mine who is an architecture major. He explains how the textures of the flooring changes and how natural light is used to illuminate the artwork. The design for the building is very interesting and having someone explain why it is so significant was helpful.


The Highlands School, Irving TX




This was my high school, middle school, and elementary school. It’s not actually as depressing as these pictures make it look though. This is actually a good example of adaptive reuse. Before it was a school I think it was a convent for nuns. Every classroom had a holy water dishes built into the walls because of this, but they were never used even though it is a catholic school. This campus holds some of my most fond memories from the age 4 to 18. Going back is very nostalgic, but also sad as they make changes to the buildings that I was in for most of my life.

Sagrada Família


Sagrada Família is Antoni Gaudi’s Magnum Opus. He took over an ongoing project to build the Barcelona Cathedral in 1883, and radically changed the design. He used a mix of gothic and Art Nouveau to truly stunning results. By the time Gaudi died, in 1926 the project was only a quarter complete. With Gaudi’s death native people of Barcelona became worried that Gaudi’s design wont be followed correctly. This controversy is still very much concerning to people in the area. The construction is ongoing to this day, and is estimated to be complete around 2027.



Above is a more detailed picture of the ceiling of the cathedral. I think it is a stunning example of Gaudi’s work. His naturalistic approach is in full form here. This is definitely a must see when visiting Spain, and I hope to see it soon.


Gaylord College of Journalism and Mass Communication



Gaylord is one of the newer buildings on campus, and was completed in 2009. The building fits with OU’s cherokee gothic style of architecture, but adds some modern touches, like the large windows, to freshen it up. The mix of the two design ideas is what makes Gaylord such a good building to be in. It feels like OU, but has differences that make it feel special. The building also houses some very nice classrooms and labs that make going to class a bit more enjoyable. The only thing that has consistently annoyed me is the main staircase because it takes much longer than necessary to get to the third floor.