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Milwaukee County War Memorial – Eero Saarinen

Milwaukee County War Memorial

The Milwaukee County War Memorial is located on Lake Michigan and has several entities in it including a museum and a veteran’s memorial. Eero Saarinen was not the original architect of this building, but it was his father, Eliel, who had been commissioned to complete the project. However, Saarinen’s father died in 1950 and Eero took over the project. Eero made a few changes to the original project, the main change being the elimination of a performing arts center inside the memorial. Instead, Eero designed the building to include halls and offices for the veteran’s organizations that use the building. The building was constructed to have a majority of it lifted off the ground. I believe this aspect of the building and the art on the outside of the building really add to the uniqueness of the building. The fact that it overlooks Lake Michigan is also a plus because I have heard that area has some great sights. I would enjoy taking a trip here to learn more about the history included in the building as well as have the opportunity to see some of the views the buildings location offers.

CBS Building – Eero Saarinen

CBS Building

This is another building that I was surprised to find out that Eero Saarinen designed. It is another building that I have gotten to see that this architect designed, and it really shows that an architect’s work is not limited to a specific type or kind of building. This building is the headquarters for CBS and opened in 1965 after Saarinen planned the building’s design with CBS’s president at the time, Frank Stanton. The construction of the CBS building included a large amount of dark granite, which led to the building being nicknamed the “Black Rock”. The building is located on Sixth Avenue in New York City, which makes the building a piece of “Broadcast Row”, which includes other buildings that are home to NBC News, MSNBC, and Fox News Channel. During my one visit to New York City, I had the chance to walk past the CBS Building, and I really enjoyed this part of NYC due to the fact that so much information and entertainment that is on TV today comes out of this area of New York.

U.S. Embassy London – Eero Saarinen


The U.S. Embassy in London, designed by architect Eero Saarinen, first opened in 1960 and was London’s first purpose-built embassy, while all other embassies at this time were located in historical buildings. The U.S. Embassy is a nine story building with three stories underground. Saarinen’s design of this building was extremely controversial after it was constructed due to the building’s adoption of modernism, which had not yet become popular in Britain. Also, the U.S. Embassy in London is still the largest embassy in all of Western Europe. This building was Eero’s only work outside of the United States, and the embassy was declared a landmark in 2009. Unfortunately, the embassy struggled with security issues and is now owned by Qatar and not the United States. Fortunately for Saarinen, the building opened one year before he passed away, so he was able to see the completion and opening of his only international project.

Top of the Rock – Rockefeller Center


At Rockefeller Center in New York City, there is an observation deck at the very top of the building called the Top of the Rock. It overlooks the entirety of New York City and is one of the coolest views I have had the opportunity to see. I have gotten to visit family in Buffalo many times since I was a kid, but I have only gotten to visit New York City once. The Rockefeller Center was the first building I visited while I was in New York City, and I was not aware of what was on top of the building. The view from the deck really showed how beautiful New York City is and how large the city is as well. Everywhere you turn you see building after building and people all over the place rushing around. My time in the city was very short, but I am very glad I got to visit the Rockefeller Center and see one of New York City’s greatest views.

10520 Turkey Run Drive, Edmond, OK


I have lived in Edmond, Oklahoma for almost my entire life, and I have lived in the same house for more than ten years until my family moved when I got to high school. My two brothers and I have many memories at this house and have spent numerous birthdays and holidays celebrating here with friends and family. The location of the house was on the outskirts of Edmond and was very close to the city limits of Guthrie, Oklahoma. Although we had many neighbors close to us, there was not much else built out in this area so we were pretty isolated. My family enjoyed this, even though it was a bit of a lengthy drive to get to school or to even go get groceries. I enjoyed living out in this area and from time to time I will drive out there to see the changes made to the neighborhood and surrounding area. Each time I drive out there the area is a little bit different, and growing up in that house will always be one of my fondest memories.

The UPS Store – N Macarthur Blvd (OKC)

UPS Store

UPS Store1

This UPS Store in Oklahoma City is where I had my first job when I was in high school. I worked there for over four years and spent a majority of my afternoons and evenings during the week and weekend, as well as many holiday breaks, working at the store. Although the building was nothing special, I learned a lot while working there. I interacted with different customers every single day with different needs, so no one work day was ever the same. I had some great co-workers and made some great friendships with some of the regular customers and with the various customers who owned a mailbox at the store. Some of my fondest memories while working at The UPS Store were during the holidays, primarily Christmas. This time of the year was always the busiest and most stressful time of the year due to the high volume of sales and more people needing to ship things. It was a great job to have as a high school student because later on in the afternoon and evening I could work on homework and study when things were slow. I appreciate the opportunity I had to work at The UPS Store and the responsibility it taught me as a high school student.

Ralph Wilson Stadium

Ralph Wilson

Ralph Wilson Stadium is home to the Buffalo Bills, my favorite NFL team. I have family that lives in Buffalo, NY and my father was born there so I have grown up a big fan despite their history of losing. I have been to the Dallas Cowboys stadium and the Cincinnati Bengals stadium, but I am very excited to visit this stadium this upcoming December for a game. Ever since I was a kid, I have wanted to go to a Bills game in the middle of the winter to experience the environment and atmosphere. The stadium is named after the team’s founder and former owner, Ralph Wilson. One of the cool features of this stadium is that it is an outdoor stadium with an open dome, so it is exposed to the harsh winter weather in Buffalo. I am hoping that when I go up there for the game in December I will get to experience it in the snow. I will get to go to the game with my two brothers and cousin that lives in Buffalo, and I am very excited to be able to cross the game off my bucket list come December.

Vivian Beaumont Theater – Eero Saarinen

Vivian 1

Vivian 2

The Vivian Beaumont Theater is located in the Lincoln Center for Performing Arts in Manhattan in New York. Both the Vivian Beaumont Theater and the Lincoln Center for Performing Arts were designed in part by Eero Saarinen. I have been to New York several times, but never to Manhattan, so I have not had the opportunity to visit the theater. One of the most important facts regarding the location of the Vivian Beaumont Theater is that it is the only Broadway-class theater in New York City that is not located in the Theater District. One of the key differences between the design of the Vivian Beaumont Theater and other more traditional Broadway theaters is its use of stadium seating. The theater opened and held its first play in 1965, and since then has seen tens of millions of dollars in renovations.

General Motors Technical Center – Eero Saarinen


General Motors is one of the major automobile manufacturers in the world. Because so many people drive cars made made by GM, the support services they offer are a crucial part to their success. Therefore, their technical center is a crucial component to GM. The campus for the tech center, located in Warren, Michigan, was designed by Eero Saarinen. Saarinen designed the campus to include a design center, several engineering buildings, manufacturing centers, and even a lake. Just from looking at pictures of the campus, I think it would be an awesome place to visit due to the wide variety of processes that take place in the many different buildings on the campus. The campus has won several awards and in 2014, the campus was declared a National Historic Landmark. The tech center is also well known for its innovative technology, so it would extremely interesting to see the improvements and new ideas that GM is currently working on at the center.

Norton House – Ohio State

Norton House - Ohio State

My freshman year, I attended The Ohio State University in Columbus, OH. This building, Norton House, is the dorm I lived in for my first year of college. It was a big change coming from Oklahoma where I lived with my whole family and did not really have much responsibility. I lived in a house with two brothers, but when I moved into Norton, I shared a small dorm room with three other guys. The dorm was also one of the older dorms on campus, so it was not nearly as nice as a majority of the dorms here at OU. Norton house will always be an important place for me because it was the place where I really became accustomed to college and made the transition to living on my own. The building itself was extremely small, especially when compared to the dorms at OU. Norton only had four floors with roughly 20 rooms on the higher floors. It was on the very northern tip of campus, so I was close to a lot of places right off campus that I could walk to. However, because Ohio State’s campus is massive and I was on the edge of one side, I did not ever get to really see the entire campus while I was there.