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Mombasa Entrance

(Kenya) - Mombasa - Mombasa Tusks


This is called “The Mombasa” and is located in Mombasa, Kenya. They were built as a symbol representing entrance into the heart of the town. The tusk where built to commemorate the visit of Queen Elizabeth in 1952. I learned about these before I went to Mombasa, which made going under them pretty cool.

Sullivan’s Building



This is the Louis Sullivan’s Carson, Pirie, Scott building, more commonly referred to as “Sullivan’s Building”. I am not a huge shopper but this building is really cool and has some great history behind it. The design of the entrance is also really cool and its a pretty amazing feeling walking in for the first time and seeing how everything is built. My first time to go here was when I was in high school and I had always wanted to visit Chicago so I was in awe of everything. I amazed with everything I saw simply because I was in love with the city and excited to be there.