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Hi! My name is Jen and I a student at the University of Oklahoma. I am majoring in math and minoring in computer science. I am a HUGE NeRd when it comes to math, programming, or video games. I love to travel and sight-see different places, and I am always excited to try new kinds food!

Tower Wisma Dharmala (Indonesia)


The Tower Wisma Dharmala, located in Jakarta, Indonesia, has been considered one of the best examples of “green” architecture in the city.  Constructed in 1982, this building was built as the headquarters of the Corportation Dharmala. This building is also considered to be one of the most successful projects of Paul Rudolph.  This building summarizes much of the modernist sculptural designs and ideas that Rudolph had developed through the years in many other projects.


The 26 levels of the tower, with its square plants that turn on themselves to acquire the cruciform shape, create alternate floors with balconies and terraces pipeline, including office space, which let in natural light and good ventilation. According to local building codes is not allowed the use of exposed concrete, so the tower is completely covered with bright white ceramic. I find that the resulting shape of this building is very really interesting. I really like the overall geometry to this building.

The Concourse (Singapore)

genimage Completed in February 5, 1994, the Concourse is a post-modern high-rise commercial and residential building on Beach Road in Kallang, Singapore. In 1987, the architectural firm Architects 61 and architect Paul Rudolph re-designed the complex. They retained what was already constructed, and revamped the remainder in order to accommodate new programmatic requirements. The Concourse is a mixed-use development, comprising a 41-story office tower, a three-level retail podium and nine stories of serviced apartment. The building’s cost of $248.1 million and to a height of 175 metres (574ft) for its office tower.


Looking at the inside of this building is just mind-blowing. There is canal flowing within the mall!


Walker Guest House: Sarasota, FL

Walker Guest House
Walker Guest House

Paul Rudolph, mid-century architect,  learned the use of efficient spacing when working as an naval architect during World War II. When he moved to Sarasota, FL,  he used what he had learned about light-shell construction and began to specialized in the airy Bauhaus-on-the-beach homes that became a hallmark of the style now known as Sarasota Modern.  The unique design suited Florida’s climate; the houses were designed to provide shade; the typically had deep overhangs, open plans, sliding doors, and plenty of patios and verandas. These homes have an airy feel due to the little separation between indoor and outdoor spaces. The materials used to create these houses are very simple and inexpensive. Yet the building’s geometric design is what makes the building so beautiful.

Inside of a Sarasota Modern design home.
Inside of a Sarasota Modern design home.

The Walker Guest House, which Rudolph built in private practice, was his favorite. Located on Florida’s Sanibel Island’s, 24 by 24-ft cottage sits among sand dunes, and has glass walls on each side that are shaded by wooden panels that can be raised and lowered by ropes and pulleys. “It crouches like a tiger in the sand,” Rudolph once said of it.


Orange County Government Center


The Orange County Government Center, located in Goshen, New York, was designed by Paul Rudolph. This building is used as the main office of the government of Orange County. I found this building to look very interesting, because from my point of view the buildings looks like the stacks you would make in a Tetris game.  This building kind has this imaginative use of space within the building. The inside is also very spacious.


However, the downside of this building is the cost of maintenance and utilities. The building is in constant need of repair and heating is expensive. In 2010, a poll in town was taking to determine if the building should be demolished. However, the cost of replacement for the building out weighed the cost to keep old building so the building was kept.





Sarkeys’ Rooftop Garden (OU)


Sarkeys Energy Center is the largest and tallest building at the University of Oklahoma. The building complex is home to several academic units, including the Mewbourne College of Earth and Energy, the College of Atmospheric and Geographic Science, and Chemical, Biological and Materials Engineering.  My favorite place about Sarkeys is the rooftop garden. I just think it is absolutely gorgeous. The garden is probably the most beautiful place on campus, if not, definitely one of them.

Prospect Park (Brooklyn)


Prospect Park is a 585 acres public park in the New York City borough of Brooklyn. This is my favorite park in the whole wide world! I have so many great childhood memories here. I remember at the end of the every school year,  our class would have a big party at Prospect Park. There was always so much food–I even had my first piece of cheesecake here and since then I’ve been obsessed.  When I lived in Brooklyn, my dad would work all year round except on Thanksgiving da3760666978_7c58b12fe4y. However, my dad every year would take a few hours off from work to come to my end of the year party.



Rudolph Hall-Yale University


The prison. Just kidding...not a prison.
The prison. Just kidding…not a prison.

Rudolph Hall, designed by architect Paul Rudolph, is located at Yale University (New Haven, Connecticut). The building is also known as the Yale Art and Architecture Building. The building is one of the earliest and best known examples of Brutalist architecture in the United States. The building was completed in 1963, and the complex contains over thirty-floor levels in its seven stories. The building is made of ribbed, bush-hammered concrete. Personally, I think the outside ofYale_7_ready the building looks like a prison. I am glad that at least the building incorporates lots of windows. One upside, the building is very student friendly. There are sofas scatter even in the balconies of the building.

23 Beekman Place


23 Beekman Place is an apartment building in the far east side of midtown Manhattan, in Turtle Bay. This building was created by Paul Rudolph, an American architecture. It is one of the last of his buildings still standing in New York City. In 2012, 23 Beekman Place was listed for $27,500,000 by its current owner who purchased the building in 2002 for $6.325 million.  The home consists of four units- 1BR, 2BA, two 2BR duplexes, and the famous three-story penthouse. The home is beautiful and definitely feels very modern. Because there are so many windows throughout the building, Rudolph’s home feels really spatial and clean.


Always remembered

Mom and me since day 1.
Mom and me since day 1.

One of my oldest and favorite memory was when I was three years old. My parents decided to both take a day off from work, which was rare, and take my little brother and I to see the towers. I remember my dad getting me ice-cream, but not long after I had the cone in my hands my brother decides he wants ice-cream too. Of course, my mother takes my ice-cream to give to the little brat. (Sigh..) Maybe this was her way of telling me I didn’t need the calories, and that I needed to watch my figure.

A picture is worth a thousand words
A picture is worth a thousand words

Four years has passed, second grade has just started. I remember a particular Tuesday morning I was let out of school early. I was more than willing to take a day off from school. However, that day I noticed the sky had this concreted dark smoke in the air but I didn’t put too much thought into it. When my parents arrived home from a long day of work, I was excited to tell them that we got out of school early that day. My dad pointed to the TV and said “well you can thank those terrorists for letting you out of school early.” Confused, I looked at the TV and I saw the towers; the same ones where my dad had bought me that ice-cream. Only now the towers were in flames and there were people jumping off the buildings. Then suddenly, the TV shows the two towers crumbling down. At seven years old, I didn’t fully understood what was happening. How could something so terrible happen? Why?

Standing at 1,362 feet tall the Twin Towers was thought to last for at least a thousand years, but sadly that was taken away on September 11, 2001. Close to 3,000 lives were lost that day, and the four planes that were hijacked had no survivors. I want to take this moment to express my gratitude towards the 400 police officers, firefighters, and paramedics that lost their lives that day trying to save others. Thank you for your dedications, your heroism will always be remembered.

Twin Towers

Skylon Tower (Ontario)

Skylon Tower

Tried of Oklahoma’s scorching heat? Well heading north might cool you down. Back in 2009 around early June,  my family and I decided to take a trip to Canada to checkout Niagara Falls and Thousand Islands. During our stay in Ontario, we visited the Skylon Tower. This tower stands at about 775 feet tall, but don’t worry, the elevator ride to the top is only 52 seconds long.

Mom and Dad

However, what I loved about this tower the most is the restaurant on the top floor. This is NOT your ordinary restaurant. Not only does this restaurant have a spectacular view of Niagara Falls, but the tower turns at a 360 degree motion. Since the top of the tower spins, where ever you decide to sit in the restaurant you will get a full view of Niagara Falls and more! Hands down, this is the coolest restaurant I have ever been to–food was amazing as well! So for all you guys (or gals) out there wanting to take your honey some where special, check out Skylon Tower because I am positive this restaurant will surely impression them! ^.^

The restaurant