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Tadao Ando- Benesse House

While the title says “House” it is actually a museum as well as hotel and it is several buildings that make up this complex. Tadao Ando designed the entire complex and he did so with the goal of incorporating Art, Architecture, Nature and Residence into one building. All built with his trademarked concrete and steel. It is built in Naoshima Japan and has everything from a gift shop, restaurant, hotel, and art museum all combined in this one complex. The most notable feature of the buildings is most definitely the Oval building with a circular opening in the roof with water directly under it. It allows light in, and has the peaceful tranquility of the pool. It also signifies for me the encouragement to get people to interact with each other when all of the doors face the middle of the circle in this big room. I love Tadao Ando’s work and to think he was self-taught makes it even more impressive. He was able to do so much using the basic resources- himself, concrete, steel, and motivation- to create some incredible buildings for people over the span of more than 40 years!

Benesse1 Benesse2 Benesse3

Tadao Ando- Church on the Water

I loved seeing his building by Tadao Ando because it has a little of each trademark of Ando. The Church of the Light was typical, but it did not have water, or natural lighting being allowed in. Other buildings are more modern and tend to stray away from the typical Ando traits such as the Fort Worth Museum of Modern Art. I loved this piece because it is a culmination of the solid build of concrete and steel with a lot of 90 degree angles. It has a lot of open glass allowing natural lighting in, and it has the pond incorporated into the buildings design adding a sense of peace and tranquility. This combination makes the Church on the Water a very attractive piece for me. AndoCoW

Tadao Ando- Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth

Ando worked on the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth in 2002 and I think this building is the most “modern” or flashy of Ando’s works. He build it for a Modern Art Museum so you would expect it to be modern, which it is, but it still has the Ando trademarks. He still uses steel and concrete, but this building has less of an emphasis on simple and dependable, and more of an emphasis on eye-catching and mixing with the Modern Art that is displayed inside. This expresses Ando’s ability to adapt to the type of buildings being built, while still leaving his core traits all over the building. He still uses mostly 90 degree angles, and concrete. This building seems significantly more open which would allow natural light in during the day, much like the Church of the Light in Ibaraki. He uses a lot of natural elements to his designs and frequently uses water somewhere in his design as shown in this design. FTWMAM2



Tadao Ando- The Ando Study

This is a picture of Tadao Ando’s personal study which he designed himself. I think it is a great design because it still has the stereotypical concrete and 90 degree angles associated with his work. The picture of his study shows me that he is not just designing what the clients want, but he believes in the style he designs so much that even his own personal study was build in the typical Ando style. His works have a lot of emptiness to them, which some would use as a negative, but he does it because it is peaceful and how he thinks people are more relaxed. The emptiness helps people to connect with God, and to remove many distractions from their lives. AndoStudy

Tadao Ando- Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts

The Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts is the first building that Tadao Ando designed in the United States. It holds true to the typical Ando style of building, being made of concrete, mostly 90 degree angles and is a simple yet strong and dependable design. When I first saw the picture I thought it was some sort of bomb shelter. I love this building because it is a good example of Ando’s outlook on buildings and Architecture. He believed buildings and Architecture can change a society and there should be little or no difference in the design of a house or a church, or in this case an business building. It looks safe, unintimidating, yet simple and dependable.


Tadao Ando- Church of the Light






The Church of Light is Located in Ibaraki Japan and it was the first structure that stood out to me. I did what most of the class did and started with a Google Search for Tadao Ando and this picture caught my eye. This picture will always be the first image I picture when I think of Tadao Ando because the more I learn about him, the more this building sticks with me. He was a self taught architect and he used resources available readily. He loved to use concrete as much as possible and most of his buildings have a sense of solidarity or strength to them. This building is no different. He designed the building so that as the sun rises in the East, it would shine through the cross in the wall to help illuminate the room for church services. It was completed in 1989, and has a very user friendly, simple design to it. Most of the critics will say that the building seems empty and dark, but Ando claimed that the emptiness was where it was easiest to connect with God. The building has a very simple yet dependable design to it, but it still has this peace and serenity to it that is hard to manufacture. If I could visit any one of Ando’s creations, this Church would most definitely be my choice.


Robert E. Lee Home in Arlington National Cemetery

Robert E. Lee’s Home in Arlington National Cemetery has meaning to me because it signifies the ability to forgive and heal. As a Confederate General, he left as the Civil War was heating up and it was taken and turned into a cemetery. I don’t know why or if it was due to harsh feelings towards Robert E. Lee, but all of those feelings have been erased from the property. Robert E. Lee’s Home is now the final home of thousands of America’s soldiers who gave their lives for this Country. Regardless of which side of the War they were on, soldiers are buried here because we all have one thing in common, we are Americans. It says a lot to me about being a final home for such a wide variety of people from so many years and the one thing they have in common is their sacrifice and commitment to the United States. Lee’s home just looks solid and the pillars in front appear immovable. It is as though the place was build to last forever as the home for the Fallen. The simple yet sturdy build appeals to me and my personality, but what it represents to me makes the building even more attractive. I will go back any chance I get, and I recommend anyone go visit if you get the opportunity. It is powerful for sure


Philbrook Museum of Art

The Philbrook Museum of Art has its obvious attractions of Art inside the building and a beautiful building and garden, but it has more value for me. I went to a very small Christian School in Tulsa and I only had 19 in my graduating class. This is where we had our Prom. It was one of the funnest, most memorable nights of my life. We did so much walking around and talking about goals and plans and pondering life while just enjoying the beauty of the building and the landscape. It was one of the last time all of us were together before either leaving for the military, colleges far away or other circumstances keeping us apart. I will always have fond memories of the Philbrook and I have no doubt the setting of a beautiful landscape, classical arches and elaborate stairways made it even more special. I will never forget that night or the Philbrook.Philbrook

“The Bizz”

The Bizzell Memorial Library is a gorgeous building. I have passed it countless times, and I will pass it countless more, but every time I walk across the south oval it catches my attention. For me it represents not just a normal library, but a pursuit of knowledge. It is not just for checking out books, but it is a place to meet to work on projects with classmates, study, do homework, or write blogs for Architecture class. Most libraries strike me as just simply being about loaning books to read, but the Bizz is about so much more. It is about the pursuit of knowledge. It is not about just learning facts from subjects, but learning life lessons. Learning what it means to educate yourself by always asking questions instead of just being spoon fed information. It represents learning how to learn and grow under your own power and never accepting your level of knowledge as sufficient. It represents being smart enough to know just know the “What”, but to know the “Why” as well.The Bizz

U.S. Capitol Building

I have had the privilege of visiting the Capitol Building on two occasions and it has always stuck out to me as one of my favorite places when I visit Washington D.C. It has the influence of Greek Architecture and our strong ties to them through Democracy. Having served in the military, the Capitol Building for me is not viewed as corrupt or negative in any way. The Capitol Building for me represents our government’s freedom to elect our officials, and govern ourselves. It is not a representation of the current officials in office, because people come and go. Whether you agree with the politicans or hate who is there is irrelevant. That building represents our ability to come to the table of compromise and express our ideas, goals, opinions, and desires in order to make changes and improve our country. No decision is ever without opposition, and people come and go, but our nation is free to elect our officials, whether good or bad, and try to work together for the good of the nation. This building ties us back to American’s throughout most of our history. We may not be arguing the same issues, but we are connected to them through our ability to openly debate and discuss and compromise.