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Phillip Johnson – JFK Memorial (Dallas)

DALLAS, TX - NOVEMBER 22:  People visit the John F. Kennedy Memorial Plaza on November 22, 2013 in Dallas, Texas. Visitors streamed through the memorial on the 50th anniversary of the assassination of U.S. President John F. Kennedy as he rode in a Presidential motorcade in Dealey Plaza.  (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images) ORG XMIT: 451684237
This is the JFK Memorial in Dallas, designed in 1970 and is an open tomb design. It is situated in downtown Dallas near where Kennedy was shot. It is made of vertical concrete walls, that make a sort of barricade around you. In the center of the memorial is a solid granite block with a message describing Kennedy’s thoughts. An informational yet attractive memorial with a lot of cool history behind it. 

Orlando Convention Center


While visiting Florida this summer, we saw from our hotel the Orlando Convention Center. Coming from Dallas our convention center is nice but nothing special. The Center in Orlando was absolutely huge. It looked more like an airport or a company HQ. The attention to detail is very nice, from the pond stocked with fish or all glass structure. Very cool building recommend going to an event there.

Phillip Johnson- Canadian Media Center



This is the Canadian Media Center, it not only is a state of the art media space, but it also serves a host of other companies. Its look is different in the sense that the front entrance’s ceiling extends the height of the building. Instead  of plain black pained windows, it accentuates them with highlighted red steel beams. Another pretty cool fact about this building is directly east of the building is an outdoor space intended for people to eat lunch, relax and most importantly take in the space.

Phillip Johnson- David A. Koch Center

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This is the David A. Koch center by Phillip Johnson, it embodies a sense of sophistication yet with a historical taste. The theatre is like that of theaters in the 50’s and 60’s larger vertical seeing curtain and seats both in blood red. The orchestra seating is under the stage for the most part, as well as vertical seating along the side walls in suites. A very colorful yet organized theatre. The layout accentuates the colors that were chosen, overall a great design.

Phillip Johnson – Glass House is Phillip Johnson’s Glass house. It is a simple one story rancher (not your typical rancher). It is surrounded on all sides by glass walls, with a fireplace in the middle of the living room. The appliances do not impeded the view as they are generally low in relation to most other counter tops. It really is a beautiful house especially for its location. Perched on top of a small hill in a rural area. A very cool getaway place, but personally couldn’t see myself living in a glass house, with no walls.

Phillip Johnson- Fort Worth water gardens

This immense concrete and water garden is designed to have people interact with it. If you click on the link the staircase goes all the way to the bottom of the garden, and vice versa. It truly is an adult playground and nothing was left out. I’ve personally been there and to walk around it or play on it as a little kid, it was awesome. Very cool site in Fort Worth, recommend to go and check it out.


Phillip Johnson- Crystal Cathedral

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The crystal cathedral I’m referencing is that of one in California. It is absolutely gorgeous. The entire church allows sunlight to enter causing a brighter than normal church. It also has a large stage, with above audio speakers. This is one of the most unique churches ever built and it is truly a site to see. Makes me think of the church as being right on the beach with all of the light.

The Interlace- Singapore

interlace interlace 3 interlace1


This is Interlace, an apartment complex in Singapore which was appointed World’s building of the Year 2015. It encompasses everything a large scale apartment complex should. Incorporation of its tenants, stores, outdoor common areas, shrubbery etc. With 31 multi stacked block each standing at 6 stories tall making it one of the most interesting buildings ever built for its use. I like this building because I think it would be cool to design dorms in much the same sense. Just a thought, maybe David Boren should read this.

Perot Museum- Downtown Dallas-Thom Mayne

perot musuem

This is the Perot Museum of Nature and Science in Downtown Dallas. The building was designed to inspire awareness of science, with its open base and art-like placement of the glass, really draws one into look at it. The glass box if you’ll say at a 45 degree angle is actually an escalator between floors. I also  found it cool that at night they position vertical lights accenting the grooved walls and glass exteriors. This building is one of my favorite in Dallas because of its uniqueness, and how very few buildings are like this.

Dallas’ Reunion Tower

Dallas Reunion Tower


When I first saw this building as a little kid, I thought it was a water tower. To my surprise I later found out there is a restaurant at the top which makes an entire rotation every hour. After going an eating at the top, I have a new appreciation for the layout and design of the building, it encompasses its location perfectly by allowing for very scenic views while at the same time letting you enjoy a nice meal. The tower now also does light shows for large events in the Dallas Metroplex. For example, when OU lost to A&M 3 years ago after the game the tower was displaying A&M’s logo on the top of the ball. As did when the Rangers won the conference this year, their logo was subsequently on the ball as well. If you haven’t seen the ball light shows I recommend them, very cool to see for the first time.